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Spring Gear Guide 2024
Winter is winding down and the sun is setting later and later each day. Getting closer to the freedom that comes with Summertime. First, to get to Summer we have to trudge through the muddy ups and downs of Spring! When the morning is below freezing and the afternoon is in the 50s, choosing the right gear can make all the difference. Let’s talk about it.     
Layering For Your Hunt - Tips From The Pro's Who Know
LAYERING FOR YOUR HUNT - TIPS FROM THE PRO'S WHO KNOW It doesn’t matter if you’re in the Alaskan wilderness or the deep woods of Maine, your clothing layering system can make a big difference in the success, and even your safety, on your hunts. Learn how the Expert hunters at Big Woods Bucks layer for their hunts.
Summer Gear Guide
Whether you're hiking or camping, hunting or fishing, or just being active in the Summer months, Merino Wool will help keep you protected and temperature regulated no matter what activities you're doing.
Fall Gear Guide
The leaves are beginning to change colors here at the Minus33 headquarters in Ashland, New Hampshire, nature’s indicator that Summer has passed and Fall is underway.  The change in leaves isn’t the only thing that Fall brings; crisp weather and sunlight shortages are becoming the norm across the country.  In preparation for these changes, Minus33 has compiled a list of Merino wool gear to adequately help you make your own transition from Summer to Winter. 
Wool for UV Protection
When it comes to outdoor activities and adventures, staying protected from the sun's harmful rays is crucial. Wearing the proper clothing can play an important role in shielding our skin from harmful UV radiation. Did you know Merino wool has a natural UPF rating?
Spring Gear Guide
Minus33 has compiled a list of gear to make sure you're properly prepared as your adventures transition from Winter to Spring and Summer!
Emergency Car Kits

Living in New England, it’s essential to be prepared for any situation and all types of weather, especially in the winter. Since weather patterns can change so rapidly, you can find yourself in spring conditions one day and a full winter storm the next. For these reasons we polled our staff for the top list of items they were taught to keep in their car in case of an emergency, particularly in a snowstorm.

Hunting Layering System

Minus33 created the ideal layering system to keep you hunting longer!

Winter Gear Guide

With Winter weather and temperatures settling in for the season, the need for warmer clothes and gear rises. From thicker socks, gloves, hats, and warmer base layers, staying warm, dry, and prepared for freezing temperatures can make all the difference. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, winter hiking, or even just snow-blowing the driveway, Merino Wool will keep you protected and warm regardless of the activity.*

5 Best Places to Leaf Peep in New England
5. Smugglers Notch, Vermont A historical passthrough between Canada and Vermont, Smuggler's Notch was once used to smuggle goods in the early 1900's and then alcohol during prohibition. Now the Notch is one of the most scenic and infamous drives...
New England Swimming Spots
6 Best Swimming Spots in New England!
With Labor day coming fast, the end of summer looms over us. We've curated a list of 6 watering holes in New England that are a must see!
From Maine to Vermont, New Hampshire to Rhode Island, there's a spot for every New England state!
Impactful Activities You Can Do for Earth Day!
It's Earth Day! To celebrate we've curated a list of a few activities you can do today to be environmentally friendly & have a positive impact on the planet.
Looking for Gear? These Northeast Retailers Got You Covered
There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a simple walk in the woods. The smell of fresh air, the sounds of birds chirping, the wind whistling through the elms, and the friendly chatter with other hikers. It also doesn’t hurt that,...
10 Tips for Staying Warm Outside This Winter
Here are 10 tips for helping you stay warm as you spend time outdoors this year.
A Simple Clothing System
The System The main point of my clothing system is to have a few key clothing items that can be used for a variety of environmental and route conditions. Being able to mix and match these key clothing items will...
Tips for Cleaning Bottles & Bladders
It’s an unseasonably warm fall in NH, which made for a quick turning of the leaves, a lot more tourists/leaf peepers and some fantastic opportunities for hiking. It’s also a time to pay extra attention to our health and maybe...
Respect Wildlife: Moose
Moose may be New Hampshire's best-known residents; there are an estimated 9,600 in the state. The largest land mammal in New Hampshire, an adult moose averages 1,000 pounds and is 6 feet tall at the shoulder.
Why Go Light?
Over the years, backpacking has evolved on so many levels. Everything from the type of gear you carry, the food you bring, and the trips you take are becoming more demanding and extreme. Over the past fifteen or so years, backpacking...
Introduction to Bow Hunting
If you've got the itch for archery, then I'm here to tell you that there is no cure for it. It's very addictive and will change your life forever. There is no form of intervention that can stop it and...
6 Items Every Boater Should Have On Board
Boating can be one of the most fun and peaceful experiences you have. Whether it be sailing or power boating, being prepared on the water is crucially important. With over 20 years of competitive racing and boating experience, I have...