New England Swimming Spots

New England Swimming Spots

6 New England Swimming Holes

6 swimming spots

6. Enders Falls

Granby, Connecticut

This spectacular collection of five distinct waterfalls, some with their own popular swimmable pools, is best to visit April to November. The first waterfall is a 6ft cascade, giving you a sneak peak at what's ahead. These falls are some of the most photographed in all of Connecticut. 

****Take caution when visiting this location as there have been a fair number of medical emergencies due to the number of waterfalls. 

Enders Falls

Photo by New England Waterfalls

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5. Bellevue Falls

Adams, Massachusetts

Barely meeting the minimum requirement to be classified as a waterfall, coming in at just 6ft tall, the falls are not the highlight of this spot. The pool at the base of the falls is the draw for this swimming spot. One of the state's best, it can easily fit a party of 20.

This location is heavily trafficked and no dogs are allowed, so keep in mind leave no trace practices and be aware of parking hours.

Image by New England Waterfalls

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4. Warren Falls

Warren, Vermont

This emerald pool on the Mad River is said to be one of the best by swimming-hole experts. For the more adventurous, this is the perfect jumping spot - but always be cautious! With clear jewel-green tinted water and tall gorge walls surrounding the pools, cliff jumping is the true draw to this location.

As one of Vermont's long-time favorite swimming holes, this spot is likely to have a crowd swimming and waiting to cliff jump, but the pools are spacious enough to enjoy this gem of nature!

Warren Falls

Image by Qfamily

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3. Frenchman's Hole

Newry, Maine

This swimming spot used to be one of Maine's best kept secrets! Just a few miles from Sunday River Ski Resort, this giant pothole sits below a 10-foot waterfall with a deep hole to jump into. Take caution whenever cliff jumping - this location includes a rope to help climb back to the top!

The drive takes you over multiple bridges and through the woods to a large parking area with picnic tables - perfect to hang out for the day and enjoy the water!

Frenchman's Hole

Photo by See Swim

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2. Lower Falls

Albany, New Hampshire

Located just feet off the Kancamagus Highway, Lower Falls is a historic White Mountain National Forest attraction! With bathrooms, drinking water and a covered picnic area with a charcoal grill, this spot is a true family destination.

Continuing down the Kancamagus you can find Sabbaday Falls, Rocky Gorge, and Champney Falls. Lower Falls takes the cake for the best swimming spot though. Simple and easy access makes this fun for everyone!

Lower Falls

Photo by USDA Forest Service

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1. Diana's Baths

Bartlett, New Hampshire

These falls are a must see no matter the time of year! With a mix of potholes, cascades, slides, and small plunges, the most attractive and refreshing are the pools and potholes. 

Take caution during high water conditions as the entire area can be engulfed with rushing water - swimming holes included! With normal conditions the 12ft waterfall over smooth granite is perfect to stand below the falling waters, making it the perfect summer time photo opportunity. 

With a large parking lot at the entrance, a daily pass (currently $5), and an easy 6/10 of a mile hike on a relatively flat, wide gravel path, this is a great family friendly spot to explore!

Diana's Bath - Bartlett, NH

Photo by Sean Munson