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Our Fabric Weights

4 different fabric weights gives you plenty of options for year-round wool wearing. Merino sheep's coats have naturally adapted over time to help them survive in many extreme environments. Wool is great as an insulation tool, or to help block the sun and wick moisture away.

Learn which weight is best for you.

Micro Weight Merino Wool Woolverino Minus33
145 g/m2


Featherlike, ultralight merino wool, great as a solo layer or as a base layer in your layering system. Micro weight is perfect for high output activities such as hiking, skiing, and training.
Minus33 Merino Wool Lightweight
170 g/m2


Offers great UV protection while still being light enough to wear as a solo layer in the sun. Lightweight is also good as a thin base layer when you want to minimize bulk.
Minus33 Merino Wool Midweight knit
235 g/m2


Our midweight items are our best sellers because they're the most versatile. These three-season layers are perfect solo in late fall/early spring, and one of the softest, most comfortable base layers you can find for winter activities.
Minus33 Merino Wool Expedition Weight Balaclava
380-400 g/m2


Our Expedition weight is one of the thickest and warmest layers on the market. Add it as a base or mid-layer to your system for a real game changer. You'll be amazed by how much longer you can stay out in the cold.

Why Choose Merino Wool?

Say goodbye to the stereotypes you may have heard about old school wool, and say hello to super soft, comfortable, easy to care for merino wool. Qualities like high insulation and low air permeability have now made merino wool a performance favorite for outdoor apparel, socks and thermal underwear. 

Machine Wash and Dry

Minus33 Merino Wool is also machine washable and dry-able, thanks to Total Easy Care technology. Developments initiated by Australian Wool Innovation and the Woolmark Company have delivered Merino Wool garments that are no longer hand-wash only. Learn all about caring for merino wool.

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