Merinoholic: noun, adjective | me·ri·no·hol·ic | \mə-ˈrē-(ˌ)nōˈ hȯ-lik\

  1. adj. Someone who is addicted to wool, the great outdoors, and living an active lifestyle.
  2. n. Minus33 Merino Wool’s Brand Ambassadors. Our Merinoholics put Minus33 to the test while they take on the world.


Our Merinoholics are passionate, active outdoor enthusiasts. They consist of skiiers, hikers, fishermen, hunters, police officers, athletes, runners, weight trainers, travelers, and sailors who also have a passion for sharing their experiences through blogging, photography, video, and social media. Meet each member below and learn more about what makes them a merino wool enthusiast!