Ambassador: Nyki

Nyki Wearing Wool T-Shirt
Nyki Mountain Biking
Nyki Biking with Mid Layer



"My name is Nyki and I am a #Merinoholic through and through! Born and bred in the great Pacific Northwest. Rain? We got it. Thank you merino for keeping me warm. Summer days? Wicking wonders! Praise! Nothing better than the wool that does it all. My friends tease me for my obsession, but they all know I will preach the merino magic til the day I die.

If you're looking for me, I'm most likely outside and probably riding a bike. I like all bikes! They're the best. But my favorite thing is DIRT!…give it to me! Trails to be explored…rocks and roots to roll over…ferns to fan as I zoom along. Don't forget mud. That stuff is great. I race mountain bikes, both cross country and enduro, as well as cyclocross. I lead monthly women's social rides to get rad ladies out together, make new friends and shred! It's fantastic. I also enjoy hiking, backpacking and I'm recently learning to love running. Thinking of signing up for my first trail run race this summer.

When I'm not outside, I am drinking coffee, making coffee and teaching coffee. (Ok, sometimes I also drink coffee outside…because that's the best!) I work for a coffee roaster and I am on the education/training side of things.

My lifestyle demands merino. I am obviously doing the sweaty, dirty things…but I don't need to be stinky and gross! Nope. Between me, all the dirt and all the coffee — merino is the solution!"

Favorite Minus33 Products:

Summer fave is my Lafayette Tank Top! As it gets chilly, I am digging my Moriah Crew for layering!