Ambassador: Khai

Khai on a snowy trail wearing Wilderness Expedition Full Zip
Khai sitting on a tree stump in the woods
Khai sitting on a rock cliff drinking from a bottle



Khai is an outdoor photographer based in Denver, Colorado. He loves hiking, camping, snowshoeing, and exploring the beautiful mountains. Recently, he picked up a new hobby in stand-up paddleboarding on mountain lakes.

"I wasn’t outdoorsy at all when I was a kid. Growing up in Malaysia, I never liked to be outside. I tried to avoid the sun because it made me sweaty and sticky due to the humidity. I started to enjoy the mountains when I took an introductory geography class during college and spent one month of my summer in Wyoming. For the entire time, we hiked and camped to learn about the nature and vast history of the Earth. That was when I started to truly enjoy being surrounded by the outdoors.⁠

I learned about Minus33 during my 4-day backpacking trip on the Four Pass Loop near Aspen--where I met a hiker with a Minus33 neck gaiter. I started to research the brand. I have fallen in love with merino wool products from Minus33 ever since. Now, I have my Minus33 gear all the time when I am out adventuring."

Favorite Minus33 Products:

Woolverino Micro MulticlavaWilderness Expedition Full Zip, & Mountain Heritage Socks