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Introduction to Bow Hunting

If you've got the itch for archery, then I'm here to tell you that there is no cure for it. It's very addictive and will change your life forever. There is no form of intervention that can stop it and you will more than likely get your friends addicted to it as well. You'll be so addicted, that you'll have a lot of good feelings that will bring on confidence, happiness, and if you're not really careful; JOY. Haha. Well I'm fired up that you're fired up about it! If you're wanting to get started, but don't really have any direction on how to take the first step; hopefully this will help you out. Before even looking at bow options, the very first thing you'll need to do is find out what your draw length is. You don't want a draw length that is too short or too long. Getting the proper draw length is the most crucial part of beginning archery. Having the right or wrong draw length will affect your overall accuracy. And could be detrimental in your success and desire to continue shooting, so you want to get that correct first and foremost. Once you know your draw length, now the fun starts. Looking for a bow is a lot of fun and you'll soon find that there are many companies and many varieties of bows. You'll have people tell you that one bow and company is better than the other. I could tell you my opinion, but the honest truth is that the bow should be an expenditure of your own body, so whatever bow feels best to you and a bow that you can shoot accurately consistently, should be the bow that you go with. You're going to want to get a bow with enough draw weight to where you're not straining to draw it back and that you can hold at full draw for quite a bit of time. You can injure yourself with a bow with too much draw weight as well as develop bad habits that will become detrimental to your accuracy. Go to archery shops in your area that offer different brands and models and try them out. It has to feel natural to you, otherwise you'll more than likely get frustrated or unmotivated to shoot and want to give it up. I promise you that there is a bow for you out there. Just try some out and you'll settle in on one. You definitely don't need to blow your entire bank account on your first bow. There are several companies that make great bows at great prices that will get you started. Be aware that there are several companies that sell bows that are very affordable that aren't very good either, so make sure you do your research and ask other shooters what they recommend and explore your options. Once you have settled in on the bow that feels good to you, then you'll want to go ahead and get your arrows. Again, there are several brands and models. Ask your local pro shop, other archers, and research them online and see what you would like to give a try. You don't have to buy the best, but just like anything; you get what you pay for. 90% of the arrow made today are carbon, so it really comes down to getting the correct spined arrow to match your draw length and weight. Next up..…accessories! Jimmy Herman