Summer Gear Guide

Summer Gear Guide

With Summer upon us and temperatures continuing to rise, there comes a need for warmer weather gear. From shorts, tanks and short sleeve t-shirts during the day and long sleeves and lighter outer layers at night, being prepared with the right gear makes all the difference. Whether you're hiking or camping, boating or fishing, or just being active in the Summer months, Merino Wool will help keep you protected and temperature regulated no matter what activities you're doing. 

Upper Body

In the Summer months, with warmer temperatures and stronger sunlight, you want to make sure you're getting the most from your base layers. Perfect for solo layers or in a layering system, Merino Wool has the most benefits - moisture wicking, odor resistant, and natural UV protection, to name a few.

Our Lightweight tops are great as a solo top or for layering with our Microweight tops (or Woolverino), giving you the perfect amount of warmth in the cooler hours of the day, while also keeping you cool once the sun is at its highest point.

Our Woolverino Microweight tops are best for athletes, runners, cyclists, climbers, and hikers alike. Try our Woolverino Women's Microweight V-Neck T-shirt or the Woolverino Men's Microweight T-shirt as the perfect solo top. Our Woolverino collection also includes a Women's Racerback Tank and a Men's Sleeveless shirt, for when you want a little more sun exposure. 

Women's Woolverino Microweight V-Neck T-shirt       Men's Woolverino Microweight Sleeveless Shirt

Photos Courtesy of Alex Fazekas-Boone.

Layer these with a Lightweight long-sleeve or short sleeve crew, like our Men's Algonquin Lightweight Wool Short Sleeve Crew, Men's Ticonderoga Lightweight Wool Crew, Women's Appalachia Lightweight Short Sleeve Crew or Women's Moriah Lightweight Wool Crew, for a perfect base layer system!

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Lower Body

During the Summer, the obvious choice for bottoms is a pair of shorts. The second choice is a pair of lighter weight leggings or bottoms. Luckily we have solutions for both! Our Women's Woolverino Microweight Leggings are the perfect solo base layer for cooler days.

Women's Woolverino Microweight Leggings

Photo Courtesy of Alex Fazekas-Boone.

For our Lightweight options try the Saratoga Lightweight Wool Bottom for Men and the Magalloway Lightweight Wool Bottoms for Women. Both stand as a go-to no matter which activity you decide to take on this summer. 

Have you ever tried wool underwear? Yes, we said wool underwear! Well we have just that! For both Men and Women, our Woolverino Microweight collection includes bikini and boyshort styles for Women and briefs, boxer briefs, and boxers for Men. 

Women's Woolverino Boyshorts       Men's Woolverino Boxer Shorts

Photos Courtesy of Hannah Beale.

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Summer hiking means the weather is warm, but that doesn't mean you stop packing the essential gear. According to NH Fish & Game's list of gear to bring with you no matter when you decide to hit the trails, you should always carry a hat, extra socks, gloves or mittens & a neck gaiter. Minus33 offers a variety of options for each! 

Our Ridge Cuff Wool Beanie is the beanie for everyone! Available in 20 different colors, and made from 100% Merino wool, this hat will keep you warm while staying comfortable and packable.

Our Woolverino Microweight Multiclava is the versatile accessory you didn't know you needed. Available in 3 different colors, this piece can be worn as a hat, headband, neck gaiter, or balaclava, and doubled up to have an extra layer of insulation. Made from our Woolverino microweight wool, this multi-gaiter is light and breathable while still keeping you protected from insects and harmful UV rays. 

Woolverino Microweight Multiclava    

Photo Courtesy of Khai Ren Quek.

It's camping season which means getting the best gear to stay protected. Our White Mountain Woolen Camp Blanket is the ideal addition to your camping gear. Use it as additional cushioning on your tent floor, as a picnic blanket or as a throw blanket at night when the temperatures drop. Available in 4 colors, there is an option for everyone!

White Mountain Woolen Camp Blanket

Photo Courtesy of Khai Ren Quek.

Our Mountain Heritage Sock collection has a sock no matter what your preferences are! With five different colors, seven different heights, and four different cushion levels, we've got you covered, warm, and comfortable.

Mountain Heritage socks in Olive Drab

Photo Courtesy of Candice Pinkham.

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     Balaclavas, & Headwear


Whether you're out early in the morning for a hunt, day hiking local trails, or starting your through-hikes, make sure you're always prepared and have a base layer system. Pack your essentials, plus a few extras and enjoy the Summer season!

Written by Meaghan Ruby for Minus33. Featured image provided by Alex Fazekas-Boone.