Spring Gear Guide 2024

Spring Gear Guide 2024

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.

-Hal Borland

Winter is winding down and the sun is setting later and later each day, getting closer to the freedom that comes with Summertime. First, to get to Summer we have to trudge through the muddy ups and downs of Spring! When the morning is below freezing and the afternoon is in the 50s, choosing the right gear can make all the difference. Let’s talk about it.        

Talking Tops

 100% Merino Wool Men's Longsleeve100% Merino Wool Shortsleeve100% Merino Wool Longsleeve

Starting light and adding layers is the way to go in Spring. At 100% Merino Wool the Women’s Appalachia Short Sleeve t-shirt and the Men’s Algonquin Short Sleeve t-shirt are perfect to wear against your skin. But, what if it is really cold in the morning you ask? We have long sleeve versions! The Moriah Women’s Crew and the Ticonderoga Men’s Crew are both perfect for extra insulation on your arms during those extra cold mornings.

The Sequoia Women’s ¼ Zip and the Isolation Men’s ¼ Zip are both 100% Merino Wool and the zipper is essential for venting without taking off a layer as the sun warms.

Cover Your Bottom

Midweight Woolverino Women's LeggingsWoolverino BottomsFlyless Running Tights

After the first warm weekend in March I don't know about you but, I am ready to be outside. Mother nature isn't always ready to share the warmth yet so, we have 100% Merino Wool bottoms to give you the little extra warmth layer you need to go on that early morning walk. Check out the Saratoga Men's Bottoms and the Magalloway Women's Bottoms.

We also have the Woolverino Midweight Wool Leggings for Women and the Woolverino Midweight Wool Flyless Running Tights that are 85% Merino Wool with a blend of Nylon and Spandex for a performance fit and style for when you really want to get moving!

Head & Hands

Fingerless Gloves and BeanieGlove LinersRidge Cuff Beanie

Now that baselayers are taken care of we need to make sure your ears and fingers get some insulation too! The Ridge Cuff Beanie is thin, but mighty. This 100% Merino Wool Beanie is thin enough to fit under a helmet and is available in 27+ colors! To protect your hands we have Glove Liners and Fingerless Glove Liners for those times where you need to use your fingers and keep your hands warm at the same time. 

Socks for Any Temp

Mountain Heritage SocksMade in USAMountain Heritage

New Hampshire made Mountain Heritage Socks have what you need for any activity. Thin socks for your cycling or running shoes? We have those. Thick cushioned socks for a long tracking hunt? We have those. Just an everyday pair for running errands? We have those too. In fact, Minus33 has them in 8 colorways, 4 weights and 7 different heights!


Not the Blanket You Think

Wool BlanketWool BlanketsWool Blanket Beach

We can't forget about springtime picnics, evening campfires and relaxation! We have you covered there too with the White Mountain Woolen Lodge Twin Blanket and the Camp Twin Blanket. These are not your old-school scratchy wool blankets. They are surprisingly soft and will always keep you warm!