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Respect Wildlife: Moose

Moose may be New Hampshire's best-known residents; there are an estimated 9,600 in the state. The largest land mammal in New Hampshire, an adult moose averages 1,000 pounds and is 6 feet tall at the shoulder. Cows have light brown faces and a white patch of fur just beneath their tails, while bulls have a dark brown or black muzzle. Only bulls have antlers, which can weight as much as 60 pounds. Moose can range over 5 to 50 square miles, depending on the season.

Brake For Moose

The breeding season is from mid-September through mid-October, a time of frequent sightings. Moose are seen throughout the year, often in swampy or wet areas near roads, and are active at dusk and at night when it's particularly difficult to see them. Each year nearly 200 moose are killed on New Hampshire highways, which is why you should… Remember to "Brake for Moose" when driving on our highways.

Safe moose viewing is essential!

Watch from a safe and respectful distance. Moose are bigger and faster than any person and give little warning before attacking a perceived threat. Cows are extremely protective of their calves. Bulls in the rut are unpredictable. No one should ever approach these animals no matter how tolerant they appear. Moose are unafraid, not friendly. A moose that decides someone has crossed into their "personal space" will knock down the offender and kick and stomp until the threat stops moving.

Much of the above information is excerpted from NH Fish & Game's website page on moose.

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