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Winter Gear Guide

Winter Gear Guide

With Winter weather and temperatures settling in for the season, the need for warmer clothes and gear rises. From thicker socks, gloves, hats, and warmer base layers, staying warm, dry, and prepared for freezing temperatures can make all the difference. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, winter hiking, or even just snow-blowing the driveway, Merino Wool will keep you protected and warm regardless of the activity.*

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Upper Body

In the winter months, colder temperatures, snow, ice, and wind, mean you want your base layers to work exceptionally well to keep you warm and dry. The benefits of Merino wool in the winter include being moisture-wicking, insulating (even when wet), and breathable, making sure you’re as comfortable and cozy in the cold, no matter how active you are.

Our Midweight tops are great as solo tops, keeping you warm around the house, but remain our best-selling base layer for year-round comfort, perfect for layering under our Expedition pieces. Check out our Women’s Midweight Ossipee Crew or the Men’s Chocorua Midweight Crew.

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winter hiking cold weather neck gaiter beanie glove liner crew neck mens and womens

For low activity or even colder temperatures, try our Expedition tops! The Women’s Tanana Expedition Crew or Men’s Yukon Expedition Crew will give you the same benefits as our Midweight Tops and were designed to be one of the warmest layering tops you’ll find.

Our Wilderness Expedition tops are a crucial insulating layer when temperatures drop. Try our Women’s Wilderness Expedition Wool Vest or the Men’s Wilderness Expedition Wool Vest to layer over your favorite base layer top and keep your core warm. Our Wilderness Expedition ¼ Zips and Full Zips are beneficial when you need extra warmth.

on top of a mountain cold weather gear woman with balaclava glove liners crew neck and quarter 1/4 zip merino wool

Lower Body

Your winter gear would not be complete without the proper long johns! Complete your Midweight set with our Midweight bottoms - the Women's Franconia Midweight Bottoms and the Men's Kancamagus Midweight Bottoms.

For even colder conditions you can complete your Expedition sets, Women's Kenai Expedition Bottoms and the Men's Katmai Expedition Bottoms.

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For hunters, skiers and snowboarders, we've got an innovative solution - our  Men's Chugach Expedition Zip-off 3/4 Bottoms! This one-of-a-kind mid-layer bottom is perfect for long days that start with colder mornings. How many times have you started off freezing cold, only to be sweating up a storm once mid-morning hits? Simply drop your shell pants, unzip the sides, and shed (or add) this layer when the time is right. Taking off your boots is now a thing of the past. 


Winter activities mean high activity levels with low temperatures, which means the essentials are required, with a few extras just in case. Wearing hats, gloves, neck gaiters, and winter socks are crucial and we’ve got a variety of options for each!

Our best-selling Ridge Cuff Wool beanie will be your go-to for any activity! Available in 20 different colors, and made from 100% Merino wool, this hat will keep you warm and dry, while being small enough to pack an extra!

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winter hiking balaclavas pink and olive drab green mens and womens 100% merino wool 1/4 zips and glove liners

Our Everyday Knit Collection is the perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe! Made from 100% Merino wool, this casual collection is perfect to take the dog for a walk or lounge in the ski lodge. From Beanies and a Twist headband to scarves and an Infinity scarf, there’s a piece for everyone for any activity! 

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new beanies 100% merino wool everyday knit lodge blanket

The Kodiak Fleece Brushed Collection features your favorite Kodiak Fleece from our best-selling hoodies! We created this collection to be our warmest cold-weather garments. Our Kodiak Fleece Neck Gaiter and Balaclava will be sure to keep the wind gusts, snow, and ice off of your face when the temperatures fall and the winds pick up!

Our Mountain Heritage Sock collection has a sock no matter what your preferences are! With a variety of different colors, seven different heights, and three different cushion levels, we’ve got you covered, warm, and cozy!

Check out our Mountain Heritage Elite socks, for our Ski and Snowboard socks! Specifically designed to fit into the boot, with added cushion to protect you from friction in your boot, these socks will be a must-have in your ski bag this season! 

ski and snowboard socks shin and calf protection made in the usa made in nh base layer bottoms

Are you the one who is always cold and looking for a blanket to snuggle up in? Or how about needing blankets for the ski cabin this winter? Or maybe just an extra to keep in the car for emergencies? The White Mountain Woolen Collection features our favorite Camp and Lodge blankets! Check out the White Mountain Woolen Camp Blanket for a throw size, or the White Mountain Lodge Blanket for a smaller twin-size blanket. Both blankets are made from a combination of recycled wool and are available in a variety of colors and plaids.


white mountain woolen blanket twin sized throw blanket wool merino emergency blanket

*Disclaimer: Minus33 cannot guarantee your safety in freezing temperatures as our gear is not meant to be the sole clothing you have on. Our base layers are meant to be worn under your favorite winter coat, shell, etc. and we can only recommend the gear you wear under your coat and snow pants. Boots are also recommended. We are not liable if you decide not to wear any outer layers in the winter climate.


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