Avalanche Awareness

Every outdoor recreation season has hazards and dangers to look out for. Hazards in the winter vary from freezing temperatures and getting caught in snowstorms to avalanches at higher elevations. If you hike, ski, or recreate in the mountains in the winter, we have some avalanche safety information to help you stay prepared and recognize the conditions in which avalanches occur.

Minus33's Search and Rescue Kit Program: Giving Back to New Hampshire
Minus33 became an official cooperator with hikeSafe in 2017 after hearing that many volunteers were donating their own extra gear and warm clothing to those in danger on rescues. We recognized there was a need for spare clothing the volunteers could carry out on rescue missions. We began donating what we call “Search and Rescue” kits to help first responders while minimizing waste by repurposing gently used or out-of-spec merino garments.
Winter Outdoor Safety: Tips for Staying Prepared
Just because there's snow at elevation, doesn't mean we stop adventuring! This week we're sharing our best tips and advice for recreating in the outdoors, even in Winter conditions! We know that hiking year-round is not for the faint of heart,...
Preparedness is Important, Good Decision Making is Key
About four and a half years ago, just as I was just beginning to seriously get into the outdoors, I set off on an impulsive trip to climb Mount Holy Cross, one of Colorado’s classic 14er's. It turned out to be one of the coldest, dangerous, and downright scary nights that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing, something to learn from. Preparedness is important, good decision making is key.
QUIZ: How Well Would You Survive in the Wild?
QUIZ: How well would you survive in the wild? Take our quiz to find out just how much you know about spending time in the wilderness!
My First Aid Kit
The things I keep in my first aid kit are incredibly common and can make the difference when an emergency occurs in the day to day. I recently took a Wilderness First Responder course up in the Sierra Nevada wilderness and want to share some of the information I learned with you.
Promoting Safety in the Outdoors: Minus33's Work with the hikeSafe Program
Even the most experienced hiker has had the unfortunate experience of being out in nature unprepared. Whether it was getting caught in an unexpected storm, having a piece of gear break, or running out of water on a hot day,...
Read Before You Go
Read before you go. There is an abundance of resources available these days to anyone looking to hit the trails. I encourage everyone to get a good guide book and map to plan their trip. Even with those available, use...
Unfinished Business
The ridge that separates the two peaks is pretty exposed and requires some fairly descent scrambling skills. I knew it could still be challenging but I wanted to try it.
When Summit Fever Takes Over
The locals refer to the 46 mountains in the Adirondacks of New York with summits over 4000 feet as the ‘46ers.’ The plan for the weekend was for my girlfriend, Emily, and I to summit 5 of them, via an 18-mile loop with nearly 4000 feet of elevation gain on unmarked trails and up the trail free summits. Upon one last weather check before leaving for the trip Saturday morning, we discovered a rainy forecast for our second day in the mountains, but decided to proceed with the trip since we had been planning it for so long. 
Respect Wildlife: Critters
According to the U.S. Forest Service, there are 183 species of birds in the White Mountain National Forest: 38 species are found year round, 35 are migrants or winter species, and 110 are found during the summer months.
Respect Wildlife: Bears
PREVENTING BEAR PROBLEMS Black bears are found all over New Hampshire. Females typically weight 125 to 150 pounds while adult males tip the scales at 200 to 250 pounds. Black bears are generally shy and usually avoid humans; with their...
Respect Wildlife
It's estimated that between 94% and 97% of New Hampshire is undeveloped land, making vast amounts available for natural wildlife habitat. Some of the finest wildlife watching in the state can be enjoyed while hiking in the White Mountains. If...
Hiking Gear Guide for Kids
When you head out for a hike, you should always carry your own backpack. Don't make someone else carry it! Your pack doesn't have to be heavy, but it should have everything you'll need. For a day trip that means:...
Start As a Group and End As a Group
What kinds of outdoor experience and group leadership training have they had? Do they have the knowledge and gear necessary, including a first aid kit? Are there enough leaders for the size of the group? Will they turn back if the situation changes? Have they left a complete hiking plan, including the trail(s) being hiked and the emergency plans?
When To Turn Around During a Hike!
One of the most common mistakes hikers make is the failure to turn back. Although “summit fever” can be a persuasive emotion, ambition is not a good reason to put oneself in a dangerous situation.
Avalanches and Ice Falls
An avalanche is a very real winter hazard, especially in steeper ravines. Everyone in your group should have a good knowledge of avalanche safety. Education and training are critical, so each member of your group should take an avalanche safety...
A Guide To Hiking With Your Dog
Hiking with your dog can add a wonderful dimension to your time on the trail—but you need to plan before you go. Note: In most states, if your dog is injured, search and rescue will not assist you. Be prepared to rescue your pet or find assistance on your own.
A Child's Guide to Hiking
Going for a hike can be a fun way to spend time in the outdoors. You may see plants and animals you've never seen before, and you'll go places that only hikers go. When you go on a hike Dress...
NH White Mtns: Hiking Above Treeline
The White Mountains include a huge variety of terrain, from windswept alpine areas above treeline to dense boreal forests, sheer cliffs and low-lying intervale and swamp land. There are 48 peaks over 4,000 feet in the White Mountains, and a...
Prevent Injuries on the Trail
Injuries and afflictions on the trail Accidents happen to even the most experienced and best prepared hikers. That's why it's important that you know how to rescue yourself if you're injured or become ill on the trail. Be prepared with...