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Start As a Group and End As a Group

Whether you are hiking with experienced hikers or first-timers, it's always important to stay together from the hike start to the finish. If you or your child is part of a group hike, here are some questions you should ask prior to setting out:

Are the group leaders experienced?

What kinds of outdoor experience and group leadership training have they had? Do they have the knowledge and gear necessary, including a first aid kit? Are there enough leaders for the size of the group? Will they turn back if the situation changes? Have they left a complete hiking plan, including the trail(s) being hiked and the emergency plans?

Will the hike be paced to the slowest hiker?

You should start as a group, hike as a group, end as a group.

Are all members of the group required to bring at least a minimum of gear?

Including warm clothing, appropriate footwear, extra food and water, a whistle, rain gear, and a flashlight? (For more on this, see the Gear List page.)

Are group members, especially those who are inexperienced, told what to do if they become separated from the group or there is an emergency?

Are the leaders aware of any medical conditions of each group member?

Article first appeared on: hikesafe.com