Will and Bernese Mountain Dog

Read Before You Go

Read before you go.

There is an abundance of resources available these days to anyone looking to hit the trails. I encourage everyone to get a good guide book and map to plan their trip. Even with those available, use your common sense when out there. I recently took a route with a friend. We both have a fair amount of experience in the woods and prepare as much as possible. We bailed on our original plan due to weather and went to an area with a slightly better forecast – moderate rain instead of heavy rain…. It was cold and I wore gloves in July in NH. However, everyone says not to take this trail when wet and to not take dogs on this trail. I scoffed at the information and we decided that, since this was a shorter trip than we planned, we might as well keep it interesting and we’ll take this trail in the rain…and I’ll bring my pooch, he’s a mountain dog after all.

Read Before You Go Merinoholics Adventures Will No big deal, right? Well, it was a great trip and we had a blast, however, I was thankful that my buddy and I could work together, and the puppy listened, 'cause the trail DEFINITELY should not be done in the rain with a dog. We had to pass the 105lb puppy off in certain areas because of the slides.

Be safe, pay attention and make it home safe.

Read Before You Go Merinoholics Adventures Will