We believe that wool is one of the best fibers in the world, so we strive to bring you products made with as much wool as possible so you can reap all the benefits of its all-natural advantages on your outdoor adventures.

Our 100% Wool collection is made from superfine, soft merino wool so you can be 100% Prepared for anything.

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Which fabric weight do I need?


At Minus33, we offer three distinct fabric weights for all-season adventures. Which one you choose will depend on a few factors: how active you are, what the weather/temperature is doing, how easily your body gets cold/warm, and the other layers you plan to wear. Use this chart below as a reference, but always keep in mind the changing environment. Low activity is considered little to no physical movement, such as treestand hunting, while high activity is considered constant movement, such as running or hiking.

Temperature recommendations (°F) vs. Activity Level

Other layers you plan to wear can affect these temperature recommendations. This chart is based on the assumption that you are using your Minus33 within a layering system.

Minus33 Merino Wool Summer   Minus33 Merino Wool Spring   Minus33 Merino Wool Fall   Minus33 Merino Wool Winter

Merino Wool is no longer reserved for Winter.

Minus33’s Lightweight clothing is designed to be worn year round as a base layer, or as a solo piece in the spring and summer.

Our incredibly soft Merino Wool provides great temperature regulation with its natural moisture wicking technology. Merino Wool is naturally odor resistant and our machine washable and dryable easy care instructions make cleaning a breeze.

Whether you’re hiking the mountains in the spring or rock climbing in the summer, our Lightweight product should never leave your back. Our Lightweight items are always the first layer on and the last layer off.

170 g/m2 Interlock Knit

17.5 Micron Merino Wool

UPF Rating 25

Low Activity: 60+ degrees

High Activity: 60-30 degrees

Minus33 Merino Wool Spring   Minus33 Merino Wool Fall   Minus33 Merino Wool Winter

Versatile and comfortable, our Merino Wool will always have your back.

Designed as a three-season garment, our Midweight works great as either a base or mid layer.

Our Midweight styles have all the same natural qualities as our Lightweight Merino Wool, with greater insulation. Minus33 Merino Wool Clothing is perfect as a base layer for a day on the slopes or as an emergency pullover when a cold front rolls in just before you summit.

230 g/m2 Interlock Knit

18.5 Micron Merino Wool

UPF Rating 50+

Low Activity: 60-30 degrees

High Activity: 30-0 degrees


Minus33 Merino Wool Winter

Our Expedition products are suitable for the coldest climates and true expeditions.

On the coldest, darkest nights, you will discover yourself seeking the warmth of Minus33 Merino Wool. 

Originally designed for winter mountaineering on Mount Washington, Minus33 Expedition Weight clothing has seen action in both the Antarctic and Arctic, and even to the Summit of Mount Everest.

Anyone venturing out in the cold will greet our Expedition clothing with a warm welcome as either a base, mid or outer layer. When you need to keep the ever-present cold from seeping in, our Expedition items will be your best friend.

400 g/m2 Interlock Knit

18.5 Micron Merino Wool

UPF Rating 50+

Low Activity: 30-0 degrees

High Activity: 0 degrees and below

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