Kodiak Fleece Brushed Balaclava - Expedition Weight
Kodiak Fleece Brushed Balaclava - Expedition Weight
Kodiak Fleece Brushed Balaclava - Expedition Weight
Kodiak Fleece Brushed Balaclava - Expedition Weight
Kodiak Fleece Brushed Balaclava - Expedition Weight
Kodiak Fleece Brushed Balaclava - Expedition Weight

Kodiak Fleece
Brushed Balaclava


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Our new Kodiak Fleece Balaclava is meant for the freezing cold. Its tapered high-low hem tucks into the front of your shirt for added warmth. The breathable mouth panel adds comfort and function, and it features ear holes for clear sound while out in the wild. This is a must-have for long days out in the stand. 

  • Fiber Content: 95% Merino Wool, 5% Spandex
  • Knit: 400 g/m2 Kodiak Interlock Knit 
  • Microns: 20.5 Micron Fibers 
  • UPF Rating: 50+
  • Total Easy Care: Machine Wash and Dry 
  • Wool Source: Australia 
  • Imported 
  • Light and Packable
  • Versatile: Ear holes on the Inner Panel so you are able to easily listen to music while wearing this headpiece. Breathable Mouth Panels so you don't have to worry about moisture build up and adds comfort and function. 
  • Flat Lock Seams: Prevents Chafing 
  • Weight: 4.48 oz. (127 grams)
  • Style: #9500
  • Ideal Seasons: Fall and  Winter 
  • Activities: Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Snowsports, Biking
  • Temperature Recommendations: 0°F and below while active, 0°F to 30°F while inactive- Learn More

Washing and Drying Instructions - Learn More

  • Turn Inside Out
  • Machine Wash Cold: Gentle cycle with like colors
  • Detergent: Mild or wool-specific
  • Tumble Dry: Low heat
  • Storage: Place in an airtight container when not in use for long periods of time
  • Do NOT use: Fabric softener or bleach!


On the coldest, darkest nights, you will discover yourself seeking the warmth of Minus33 Merino Wool. Our Expedition products are suitable for the coldest climates and true expeditions.


400 g/m2

Brushed Interlock Knit

20.5 Micron

95% Merino Wool, 5% Spandex
UPF Rating 50+



Activities: Hiking, Camping, Lifestyle, Snowsports, Hunting, Ice Fishing.

Seasons: Fall, Winter

High Activity Temperatures: 0°F and below

Low Activity Temperatures: 30°F to 0°F


Why Merino Wool?

Moisture Wicking

Minus33 Merino Wool regulates the amount of moisture on your skin by absorbing any moisture or sweat on your body. Then, the absorbed moisture evaporates out of the fabric into the atmosphere.


Merino Wool fibers naturally reject any bacteria in moisture or sweat as it is wicked away, so foot fungus and smelly odor will not be a problem while wearing our products.

Insulates When Wet

Wool will absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet or clammy. If you do get wet, wool will insulate you better than cotton or polyester materials.

Fire Resistant

Merino Wool insulates against high temperatures and does not readily catch fire. If it does, it self-extinguishes. When Merino burns, it doesn’t melt and stick to the skin like synthetic fabrics do.

UV Protection

Don’t worry about sunburn on a sunny day summiting a peak. Lightweight layers have a UPF rating of 25. Midweight and Expedition have a UPF rating of 50+.


Merino Wool has a low environmental footprint and naturally returns to the elements. Shear a merino sheep in the morning, and in the afternoon they’re happily nibbling their way towards renewing next season’s clip. 



Learn More

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nick T
The Heavyweight

This is the balaclava to reach for when the temps drop below 0°F. I really like the construction of this 'clava, but unless it's extremely cold, or if you're very static (think ice fishing), it can be too warm. I was hoping to use it for skiing, but honestly it's just too thick for all but the most brutally cold days!

jason bosman
Brushed Balaclava

What a beast of a balaclava, if you need warm this has you covered. I personally have a hard time wearing it if the temps are over 20 degrees F it is so warm. The thicker wool and inner fleecing of the fabric make it so warm and comfortable, literally the day after I received it the temp dropped to 4 degrees F and I am very happy I had this to keep me protected. Though I am pleased and giving it a 5 star review here are some things that need to be addressed in design. First, The size of this item seems good but the face covering is loose and only get looser throughout the day pulling away from your face allowing the cold to get in, IMO this is mainly due to the multi piece design. Second, the way the face covering attaches to the side and front of the balaclava is a bit of an odd construction, the bottom is not solid with a hinged top like most, it is a chin length balaclava that has a face covering sewn on. Its sewn on either side behind the ears then in front at the bottom by the chin. The bottom edge of this face cover is open and as it transitions by the dimples in your cheeks to the sewn in areas it creates an opening in the fabric due to not having enough overlap which causes small openings to let cold air in and freeze your cheeks. This tends to only happen when you have the face cover pulled up near the bridge of your nose.


Thank you for the review. We will let the Product Development Team know of your thoughts on our Minus33 Balaclava.

-Melinda W.

Chuck J.
Deep Cold Tested

I got this before going on a camping/hiking trip in the mountains of Colorado. The average altitude we were at was around 10,500ft with a max about 13,000t. A large cold front hit and the temps were in the teens for a high. At one point the temperature went to a bitter -11 Fahrenheit with 20mph winds. This performed better than I thought it would. With the hard gusts you felt a little wind make it through but other than that it was fantastic.


Glad to hear our Kodiak Fleece Brushed Balaclava - Expedition layer, gave you protection against the bitter cold mountains of Colorado.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review!

-Jeannie T.

Thomas Barbera

With out wind block material in it, I don't care how thick the wool is the wind blows through it.

John Gagliardi
Wonderful Balaclava but..

Overall a well made piece of gear, however, it fits to large on my head. Other wool balaclavas I own don’t have this issue. I do like that is has enough material to tuck in my sweater, which is great because it doesn’t come out when I look up or move my head around. Craftsmanship and quality of the material is good, which is very important to me. If you have a huge head and neck you will love this balaclava.


Thank you for taking the time to leave a review on our Kodiak Fleece Brushed Balaclava.

Stay Warm!

-Jeannie T.

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