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REVIEW: Good Socks are a MUST!

For a long time, Minus33 has been my go-to for all types of clothing. From shirts to undergarments I have it all. But to me, the most important Minus33 garments are the socks. Socks have helped me combat some of the toughest weather conditions out there, from sub -40 windchills, to blistering 100-degree days, they do it all and I’m going to tell you why they are a must on your next outdoor adventure.


My wife married me for a lot of reasons she claims, my smelly feet aren’t one of them. I have always suffered from stinky feet, up until I discovered Minus33. Merino wool has a crazy good ability at not retaining smell. This helps me in 3 ways:

  1. I can take my shoes off at home or someone else’s home and not have to worry about smelly feet. It’s great for work and being active. I used to carry 1-2 pairs of socks with me just for this reason.
  2. When hiking and hunting, my pack is lighter since I can wear a pair of socks for longer and not have to change out as often.
  3. My feet seem to feel better and be less callused. This has helped me out on a personal and professional level by keeping my feet in overall better health.


Minus33 socks do a wonderful job at keeping moisture away from the foot by either wicking it off the foot and expelling it, or by keeping your foot cool enough where it doesn’t perspire. This is one of the biggest contributing factors to the success of many outdoor adventures. From their tough as nails Workhorse Sock to the ever-comfortable Day Hiker, they all have their place in my sock drawer. The Expedition Wool Mountaineer does a great job in early November for long stand sits during deer season and is great for chilly days chasing Walleyes on the ice. They do a great job keeping my feet dry and warm in extremely cold weather. The Low Rise Trail Sock is my go-to from spring until fall. It keeps my feet nice and dry and wicks away any sweat!

Whatever you’re looking to do, Minus33 has what you need to fill your sock drawer. They keep me out longer so I can do what I love! I am a Merinoholic!