hikeSafe's 10 Essentials

hikeSafe's 10 Essentials

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      We want you to be safe on the trails! The NH Fish and Game Department and the White Mountain National Forest are partners in a mountain safety education program called "hikeSafe" to help get the word out on what hikers need to know.

      Recommended Clothing and Equipment for Hikers:

      For Summer Day Hikes:

      The Ten Essentials:
      • Map
      • Compass
      • Warm Clothing:
        • Sweater or Pile Jacket
        • Long Pants (wool or synthetic)
        • Hat (wool)
      • Extra Food and Water
      • Flashlight or Headlamp
      • Matches/Firestarters
      • First Aid Kit/Repair Kit
      • Whistle
      • Rain/Wind Jacket and Pants
      • Pocket Knife

      Also important to take on day hikes:

      • Sturdy Footwear and Extra Socks
      • Watch
      • Trash Bag (for trash or rain protection)
      • Light Plastic Tarp or "Space" Blanket
      • Guidebook
      • Insect Repellant
      • Sunglasses
      • Sunscreen
      • Gloves or Mittens
      • Personal Medications
      • Cord/Rope
      • Gaiters
      • Extra Batteries