Woolverino Women's Micro V-Neck Bikini Brief Review

REVIEW: Woolverino Women's Micro Weight V-Neck T-Shirt & Bikini Brief

Living in snowy upstate New York, I have always opted for warm base layers and mid/heavyweight outer layers from Minus33. In preparation for a trip to Haiti and the Dominican Republic this May (more to come on that), I gave the new Woolverino line a try and had the opportunity to test it in the warmth over spring break in Florida. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I LOVED the V-Neck T-Shirt. Lightweight is an understatement. It elegantly drapes the body for a “barely there” feeling. The material is silky soft and super breathable. It wicked sweat and kept me really comfortable. Another thing I really liked about this garment was how it looked. The cut and color (I have the Ash gray one) make it super stylish in addition to being comfortable. As a plain V-neck, it can be paired with anything for either a warm day in the mountains or just touring around town. I really look forward to having this shirt in my pack as I make my way across the Caribbean island. The Woolverino Bikini Briefs will also find their way into my backpack in May. Like V-neck T-shirt, they are lightweight and comfortable. The material makes for a great pair of underwear for an active lifestyle that are light, but sturdy and comfortable.