Woolverino Men's Micro T-Shirt Review

REVIEW: Minus33 Woolverino Men’s Micro Weight T-Shirt

If there is one thing that is often overlooked on an outdoorsman’s checklist, it is the base layer. When dealing with Mother Nature, we tend to seek out the gear that will protect us best from the elements, on the outside. But to me, the layer that is the closest to my skin will make the biggest difference between a successful day out in the wild or a trip that I would rather forget about. When I learned about the newest Minus33 technology, Woolverino, I had to give it a shot. I’ve been choosing to wear merino wool base layers for a long time. Spending a lot of time off trail, I tend to abuse my gear a lot, which is why the nylon inner core of Woolverino sounded like a great idea.


The Woolverino Micro Weight T-Shirt has an athletic fit, which is excellent for high output activity in cold conditions. Its elasticity provided by the nylon core makes it move with you, while the outer merino wool is soft on the skin. After a few hours of use, you almost forget that you are wearing anything! It features a few extra inches of shirt body length, something that I can really appreciate when climbing, as the shirt won’t ride over my belly button and create an unwanted draft. Woolverino Men's Micro T-Shirt Review

Breath-ability and insulation

Let’s face it; if you are very active, you are going to sweat. So when layering, the most important question is not how to prevent it, but what to do about it? The Woolverino Micro Weight T-Shirt is excellent at managing moisture, keeping sweat off the skin while retaining its insulating properties when soaked through (a must for intense cold weather activities). Not to mention that it dries extremely fast!


Although not always a factor in choosing a base layer, weight decision can become critical for long efforts or fast paced undertakings. At only 136g (4.8 oz), the Woolverino Micro Weight T Shirt is feather light for a merino wool base layer that is breathable, yet keeps the cold out. I’ve been wearing this shirt non-stop for a few weeks now (with the occasional quick wash) and it’s been performing well in every situation, even on the couch! I would recommend this base layer for anybody who is ready to take their cool to cold adventures to the next level of comfort.