minus 33 merino wool clothing, Hunting Life Test the fingerless glove liner. wearing fingerless gloves is better for hunting when it comes time to pull the trigger.

Hunting Life Tests the Minus33 Fingerless Glove Liner and Mock Turtleneck!

Hunting Life
Having hunted in cold weather and expecting to do so again this year, I know the importance of warm hands. Fingers just don’t work as well when they cold. What I’ve done in the past is kept my hands in my gloves while stalking and then taking them off when I am ready to shoot. But what I really wanted was fingerless gloves. That way, I could keep my gloves on and my hands warm but have my fingertips exposed for a safer and more accurate grip on my rifle. I know fingerless gloves abound on the market, but I really like the Merino Wool Fingerless Gloves by Minus 33. Merino lambswool is lightweight, machine washable, machine dryable and, most importantly, warm! They are sleek enough to wear under larger mittens or gloves for added warmth. Read the full review here!