minus 33 merino wool clothing, Product review from Eastern Slopes on best inexpensive lightweight long underwear. reviewed woman's 814 true red

Eastern Slopes Reviews the Best Inexpensive Lightweight Long Underwear

Eastern Slopes reviewed several inexpensive different base layers and determined merino wool is top notch. When the weather turns nasty, when we’re going on a multi-day winter backpacking trip, or when we’re worried that we might be in dangerous situations, we turn to wool. Why? Because we still haven’t found anything that’s better at moving moisture away from our bodies and keeping it there. With wool, salt seems to move farther away from the skin so there’s less clamminess. And no synthetic we’ve ever tested handles the multi-day “stink test” anywhere near as well as wool. With modern Merino fabrics, the itch factor is almost nonexistent. There’s just no reason NOT to use wool. Read more of the review here ,of Minus33 and the competition!