Move in Merino - A Strava Challenge with The Woolmark Company

Move in Merino - A Strava Challenge with The Woolmark Company

In the Fall of 2020, Minus33 became a Brand Partner with The Woolmark Company on the Feel Merino campaign - an ad and social media campaign to bring awareness to Merino Wool being more than just a type of wool.

The goal of this campaign is to change the way people see and think of wool, by teaching about its unique characteristics and their purpose - showcasing merino wool in all its forms, from active and athletic wear, to leisure wear. We wanted to show consumers that wool isn't always heavy and scratchy and can actually be a lightweight material that is soft to the touch. It's naturally occurring properties aid in activewear - moisture wicking, thermo-regulation, and breathability, making it a strong contender for athletic wear over some of the big name brands.

The campaign included a Strava Challenge, encouraging athletes working from home to be replace their typical "morning commute" with being active in their merino wool!

Featuring the Minus33 Woolverino Micro Multiclava in Ash Gray

Now we're partnering on another Strava challenge - The Move in Merino challenge, encouraging athletes to get moving in their Merino Wool! If you complete 28 hours of physical activity over the Challenge period, you can unlock access to an exclusive discount code, valid on the entire site!
For more details check out our Club page on Strava and the Woolmark Company's official rules!