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Mountain Heritage Elite: Ski and Snowboard Socks

Mountain Heritage Elite: Ski and Snowboard Socks

Our Mountain Heritage Elite collection was designed to be the best socks for your favorite activities, with benefits and added features for each specific sport or activity. Meant to withstand the most rugged of sports, the socks in this collection were designed with comfort, durability, and performance in mind.

This season, we have kicked off the collection with a line of Ski and Snowboard Specific socks. Originating from our Mountain Heritage collection, these socks offer one of each of our cushion options so that you can choose your preferred level of warmth, bulk, or fit. And of course, they are made in NH!

Ski Socks

The Mountain Heritage Elite Ski Socks are available as a Liner and Full Cushion sock.

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The key feature of the Mountain Heritage Elite Ski Socks is the shin padding, which was designed to give you extra protection just where you need it and no excess bulk where you don’t.

Like our Mountain Heritage socks, the Ski Liner is the thinnest sock, for the least amount of bulk in your boot. With extra cushion in just the toe, these socks were built with your fitted ski boots in mind and will be breathable and comfortable for a full day on the mountain. 

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The Ski Full Cushion sock is padded along the entire bottom of the footbed, helping keep blisters at bay. Both MH Elite Ski Socks have the padded shin zone feature, to protect from abrasion in your boots.

Snowboard Socks  

The Mountain Heritage Elite Snowboard Socks are available in Light Cushion and All Season Full Insulation. 

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Like the Ski socks, the Mountain Heritage Elite Snowboard socks feature front padding with additional back padding, which were designed to provide extra cushion while carving, protecting your shin and the back of your leg.

The Snowboard Light Cushion socks feature a padded heel and toes, making it thin and minimal throughout the rest of the sock. 

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The Snowboard All Season sock is the warmest of this collection, with insulation padding throughout the whole sock. Both MH Elite Snowboard Socks have the padded shin and calf zones, and padding along the sculpted ankle to protect from friction.

Our Mountain Heritage Elite Ski and Snowboard socks were designed to help you perform better on the mountain while keeping to our original Mountain Heritage designs, so you can choose the sock that best fits you! 

Stay tuned for more information on future Mountain Heritage Elite collections like this one!

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Images provided by Corey McMullen