Minus33 Partners with hikeSafe Program

Minus33 Partners with hikeSafe Program

What is hikeSafe?

hikeSafe, along with the Hiker Responsibility Code, was developed as a joint program between the White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) and the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department (NHF&G) to create and develop a Mountain Safety Education Program – the first of its kind – for New Hampshire.

The program was initially designed to educate those hiking throughout New Hampshire about the steps they must take in order to be prepared before entering the forest. This was the first campaign focusing on hiker safety to target, on a grand scale, campground users, summer camps and group leaders, as well as day hikers and backpackers. The project was launched in May of 2003.

How will Minus33 be involved?

Minus33 is proud to join hikeSafe as a cooperator in hopes of helping to turn hikeSafe into a nationwide campaign for hiker safety and awareness. We will be helping hikeSafe by sharing literature and information provided by hikeSafe, the NHF&G, and the WMNF to our social media followers, and through blog posts on our web site. We know our customers are avid outdoorsmen, and we want everyone who wears Minus33 to be safe when they are out on the trail. Proper clothing is just one piece of the puzzle in having a successful and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Where can I learn more about hikeSafe or purchase a hikeSafe card?

Visit http://hikesafe.com/ to learn more about the program.

New Hampshire residents can purchase a hikeSafe card, which is a voluntary card sold by The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department for $25 per person and $35 per family. People who obtain the cards are not liable to repay rescue costs if they need to be rescued. The card is valuable for anyone hiking, paddling, cross country skiing or engaging in other outdoor recreation. An individual may still be liable for response expenses if they are deemed to have recklessly, negligently or intentionally created a situation requiring an emergency response.

To learn how to purchase a hikeSafe card, please visit http://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/safe/index.html.


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