Why Am I Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail?

Why Am I Hiking The Pacific Crest Trail?

My name is Rob and I am hiking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in March of 2018! I am excited to share my journey with you wherever you are in the world. I will be sharing a series of blogs with you pre-hike, throughout my time on the trail, and after to help with your interest or planning for future hikes on the PCT or elsewhere. Introduction will be short and sweet.

What do you mean you are hiking the Pacific Crest Trail? What is the Pacific Crest Trail?

The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2,650 mile premier hiking trail that travels through California, Oregon, and Washington. The trail's southern terminus is on the U.S. border with Mexico, just south of Campo, California and its northern terminus on the Canadian/U.S. border on the edge of Manning Park in British Columbia.

Why in the world would you hike 2,650 miles?

Because I am crazy. Well, slightly true, but not the whole truth. I want to push my body to the limit, mentally and physically and there is no better way to do that for me than to complete this entire hike in an environment that I enjoy.

Granite Gear Groundskeeper Program

I am a participant in the Granite Gear 2018 Groundskeepers Program! Granite Gear/Altra Running are sponsoring 25 hikers for this Groundskeepers program, which was inspired by the Packing It Out Group to leave it better. The team has committed to individually cleaning up 300+ miles of public lands in 2018. Granite Gear and Altra Running has outfitted each member of the team with equipment to pack out the trash. The gear list includes a choice of a Granite Gear backpack, two stuff sacks, a scale/gloves, a dump truck, and two pairs of Altra Running shoes. Stay tuned and I will be posting my gear list for this upcoming hike along with a resupply list of places I chose to have packages sent and where I will resupply in town. Rob Weilbacher PCT 2018 Granite Gear Groundskeeper Program Continue following along with my hike on my Instagram: @robandearth This article first appeared on somewhereonahike.com and has been reposted with permission.