Thru-Hiking Testimonial: What Gear Worked for our Merinoholic!

Thru-Hiking Testimonial: What Gear Worked for our Merinoholic!

Thru-Hiking for 2023

It’s that time of year again! Thru-hikers are beginning their planning for the various treks throughout the United States. Whether it’s Northbound hiking the Appalachian Trail or the Pacific Crest Trail, hikers are gathering their gear and planning their routes.

Around this time last year, our #merinoholic Lynley was getting ready to start her Northbound trek of the AT. Setting out on the Approach Trail in Georgia on February 27th, Lynley completed her hike on August 7, 2022, and stopped by the Minus33 headquarters to meet the team and tell us about her trip and what gear worked for her! 

minus33 merino wool headquarters with ambassador and marketing team

Lynley pictured with our Marketing Manager Meaghan outside the Minus33 headquarters in August 2022.

My Experience with Minus33 on the Appalachian Trail:

“Hiking from Georgia to Maine over the course of six months means facing some pretty extreme weather. Because of this, I was very intentional with my gear and did extensive research about what would be the best options of clothing considering that is what I would be wearing for the next six months. My biggest fear of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail was the winter weather. I repeatedly told myself if I could just make it through March, I would be fine. 

thru hiking merino wool minus33 merinoholics base layers wool socks
Lynley starting the AT in February 2022.

After conducting my research, I decided Minus33’s Merino Wool Woolverino would be my base layer. I loved how light-weight, yet comfortable and warm it was. This base layer turned out to be my favorite, hands down. I loved it so much. I even forgot to change my shirt to sleep in a lot of nights. This is the product that turned me into a #merinoholic.

In North Carolina, I exchanged a pair of my other wool hiking socks for Minus33 socks and a beanie for a Minus33 Logo’d Ridge Cuff Beanie. Although I had no problem with my previous beanie, my Minus33 beanie was much softer, and I could not believe how warm it was in comparison to its lightweight. Likewise, I loved my other wool socks and kept a pair of them until the end of my hike. However, I found that I had to continuously exchange them at outfitters along the trail because they kept getting holes in them. 

minus33 merino wool ridge cuff logo beanie

On the trail in her Ridge Cuff Logo'd Beanie.

I guess it is reasonable to say that a pair of socks got holes in them four times over the course of 2,193 miles. However, that just goes to show the quality of Minus33’s socks. I wore Minus33’s socks from North Carolina to Maine, interchangeably with the other socks, and my Minus33 socks came out of the trail without a single hole. They were lightweight and comfortable, and the midweight socks kept my feet warm on cold nights in the North East when I had already sent the rest of my winter gear home. I cannot give enough praise to these socks, and if I were to do another thru-hike, I would definitely opt for the Minus33 socks to support me on my journey. Needless to say, I will be continuing to purchase Minus33 products for my outdoor ventures.”

ambassador completing the AT on Mount Katahdin wearing Minus33 merino wool base layers
Finishing the AT at the summit of Mount Katahdin in Millinocket, ME.
Completing the AT last summer, Lynley currently plans on hiking the CDT in 2024 and repping her Minus33 the whole way! Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram to see where else our #merinoholics are hiking.
Written by Meaghan Ruby and Lynley Clay for Minus33