Weekend Slabs on Rainy Lake Merinoholics Adventures Kyle

Weekend Slabs on Rainy Lake

With the fall colors comes some of the best fishing of the year. In northern Minnesota there lies a lake that holds some of the largest Crappies in the country! With Rainy Lake's beauty comes great fishing. The Crappies in Rainy Lake are the 3rd favorite target for Anglers falling behind Walleyes and Northern Pike. They are the best tasting fish in my opinion and some of the big ones in Rainy can reach remarkable lengths up to 17”+. In real world aspect that's comparing a monster truck to a standard pickup. This fish tends to migrate up streams and rivers on Rainy in search of food. This all begins at the end of August/beginning of September, and timing is everything. Weekend Slabs on Rainy Lake Merinoholics Adventures Kyle The first part of September is generally warm, but cold fronts can push through, driving temps down into the upper 30’s during the day. This trip was the exception with temps falling in around the upper 60’s. Making my choice for Minus33 gear pretty easy: my bag was filled with Lightweights. From the ever so trustworthy Algonquin T to the very comfortable Acadian boxer brief. These paired with another layer of Midweight for the cool mornings and cooler afternoons, like the Chocorua Midweight Wool Crew and the Kancamagus Men’s Midweight Bottom. All these truly help stay out longer in hopes of putting a trophy fish in the boat! Weekend Slabs on Rainy Lake Merinoholics Adventures Kyle