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Training for the Trail with BenOnAdventures

When you think about going on an adventure, you may not think about how important training off the trails is. Or you may think “all I have to do is hike" to have a successful adventure. Sure, this may be applicable for some smaller treks, but larger, more ambitious ones require additional exercise. You may be thinking right about now “Why? Why would I need additional training other than hiking?” The reason behind this is because longer treks will be much more intense on your body. Hiking hundreds if not thousands of miles can take its toll. There’s a simple way to reduce and prevent this: training for the trail. Training for the Trail - BenOnAdventures Merinoholics Stories

What is training for the trail?

Ideally what I recommend for anyone looking to get started on their trail training is to do so by incorporating these into their weekly routine:
  • Resistance training 3 times per week (30-60 minutes per session). Building up a strong foundation of muscle will allow your body to work more efficiently while out on your journey.
  • Core training 7 days a week (5-10 minute per session). Your core is critical in so many movements and plays such a huge role in stabilizing you. Do not ignore it.
  • Cardio 7 days per week (focus on a higher intensity than what you will hike so your hiking pace will be a lot easier for you; 45-60 min per session).
  • Training with the gear you will be using (for example, wear the shirt you will be hiking in during all of your training sessions; as you can see me doing above sporting my Minus33 short sleeve shirt - which I love for all of my adventures and training sessions).
Doing all this will prepare you for your next adventure. When you are getting ready for your journey be sure to begin your routine several months in advance, so you are ready to go. After doing this, you will be ready to conquer whatever trek is next on the map!

Training Gear Bonus Tip

As mentioned and seen above, one of my favorite pieces of gear is Minus33’s short sleeve shirt. Wearing this while I train; whether it be resistance, core or cardio allows me to stay cool and wick sweat away. I love it for my training sessions as well as being a staple in my gear kit for my treks. What do you do off the trails to stay in shape for hiking? Tweet us @BenOnAdventures @Minus33 with your routine!