minus 33 merino wool clothing, Alaskan Adventures

Tough on Nature, Soft on Skin

Since I was a kid, I’ve always had a sensitive skin.

I couldn’t go to the swimming pool without developing a rash from the chlorinated water. I went through spouts of eczema and allergic reactions most of my life. I cannot wear any synthetic fabric for too long and I can definitely not have polyester on my skin when involved in intense physical activity. As I’ve learned to avoid those situations altogether, it has never been a major problem for me. But it eventually changed, when I moved to Alaska and felt compelled to take on the outdoors through various sports. Kayaking When I learned about layering, I found that the recommendations for quick drying clothing always came back to a blend of polyesters. Cotton was warmer but absorbed moisture like a sponge, becoming cold and heavy. So here I was, stuck in between two options that were far from ideal, one being already out of the question. Rock Climbing

That’s when I heard about merino wool.

The first thought that came through my mind was the feeling of the old fashion thick wool that my grandmother used to knit hats, mittens and socks with. Hours of itching and scratching for the sake of staying warm on winter days. No thanks. I eventually came to understand the distinction between wool and merino wool and decided to give it a try with the purchase of a pair of Minus33 long underwear.

That’s when things changed forever...

Not only was it not scratchy, it felt like a second skin. It breathed like one, wicked the uncomfortable sweat off my body, dried quickly and was keeping me warm or cool depending on the surrounding temperature. I had found the perfect base layer. Since then, I’ve had the pleasure to try it out through various conditions and seasons, hiking up mountains, kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, etc. and have never been disappointed. It has now been 5 years since I purchased my first Minus33 product, and I am still wearing it!