Tennis Woolies

Tennis Woolies

It is December in Los Angeles and that means that the weather is almost impossible to prepare for.

You’ll wake up to a chilled morning and dress in a full winter coat, only to be baked in the hot sun hours later, thus sweating through your layers and long sleeves. Or you’ll head out to meet some friends while the sun is still hanging at a lovely 75, only to realize that the temperature drops 20 degrees every time you step into a shadow. Now, I realize that as I am writing this to most people in other parts of America that are shaking their fists to the sky, cursing me for my privilege; the lack of rain, snow, sleet, and ice, with a winter temperature range that hangs between 49 and 75 degrees. I honestly don’t have much to complain about. But it’s all relative, and when that California desert sun hits you, it’s hot; and when it goes away, it gets cold, very fast. The temperature swings are felt more, and they are harder to prepare for since the conditions vary wildly depending on the time of day. If you are doing an outdoor physical activity, (in may case, playing tennis) during these winter months, you might be stuck somewhere between too hot and too cold, continuously trying to get it right.

Chocorua Men's Midweight Wool Crew

I started wearing my black Merino Wool shirts when I play tennis and they have this marvelous effect of keeping me warm walks to and from the courts. Once I’m running around and sweating, merino wool stays on top of the wick so that I am never drenched in sweat. You ever go on a run in the winter and the sweat from your clothing gives you an added windchill factor to an already cold day? I have, and it’s not pleasant. The effect of this natural wicking technology is a perfect temperature regulator while you are outdoors.

In essence, the insulation properties will keep you from getting too cold, and the wicking properties will keep you from overheating. This gives you full freedom of choice for your activities, indoor and outdoor, active or sedentary; without the fuss of puffy jackets tied around wastes, soaking sweat through your undies, or pretending not to shiver to death while you watch the sunset with friends. The woolies, perfected by millions of years of sheep evolution, beat anything synthetic fibers I have tried to keep me as happy goldilocks. My base wardrobe is now almost entirely simple Woolverino tops from Minus33. Xx