Oula with Minus33

Each Wednesday in small-town New Hampshire, I teach a booty shakin' sassy, and sexy dance fitness class called "Oula." The playlist is loaded with popular music with artists like Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, David Guetta, and Elle King...But unfortunately for me even if my dance moves are on fire, so is my body....and not in a good way. You know those girls who say "I don't sweat, I sparkle?" Well, I am not one of those girls, I just straight up sweat. Like a lot. It's hard teaching a sexy class when I feel very un-sexy! I mean, how am I supposed to channel my inner Minaj when I look like I was caught in a water-balloon ambush? I am a fan of wearing cotton when I teach my Oula classes because it is breathable and light. However, cotton does not help me when it comes to sweating. It likes to highlight my sweat marks, and clings to my chest and back. I've already tried wearing spandex tops to combat my perspiration, but I usually just don't enjoy wearing a shirt that clings to every curve and feels restricting. Well, just last week I decided to take a new approach to what I wore to class. I tried on my brand new merino wool tee and I was so impressed with it. I thought it might feel too heavy and hot while teaching an indoor class, but it actually performed really well! It was light and soft and very breathable. It felt a lot like the cotton shirts I adore, but didn't cling in weird spots, and absorbed my sweat instead of just turning darker in color in awkward areas. I was so pleased that I plan on wearing more merino wool gear for my indoor workouts! Wool isn't just for outdoor adventures, it can also stand strong at the gym!