Minus33 on Mosquito Lagoon

Minus33 on Mosquito Lagoon

Fishing takes many different forms. I am an avid fisherman in the Midwest and love to chase the fish native to most of the upper Midwest and Canada. However, when I travel, I always try to get on the water and try my hand at other species.

This time, we headed down to Florida in search of Redfish (or Red Drum), native to much of the Gulf of Mexico and the southeastern coast. They are hard fighting fish that produce some beautiful coloration. In this instance I was fortunate enough to get on Mosquito Lagoon, known for its monster Redfish and awesome scenery.

Cold... for Florida

Mosquito Lagoon is located along the east coast of Florida just outside the small town of Titusville. When you think of Florida, you think of warm weather, but in December it can be very temperamental. Our guide, Jon, called us the day before and warned that it would be one of the coldest guide days he would have that year and might make fishing more difficult than normal. To my benefit, I had packed my suitcase full of midweight and lightweight Minus33 clothing. So being prepared for any weather is simple: layer up, and enjoy the fishing.

Minus33 from Head to Toe

Jon wasn’t kidding - that morning on our drive over from Orlando, it was 29 degrees Fahrenheit! It was going to warm up, so being able to de-layer and avoid sun was a must. I packed all my essential lightweight gear, including my Day Hiker socks and Fingerless Gloves. Minus33 makes dealing with the rising temperatures very easy: lightweight long sleeves help keep you warm in the morning, and as the day goes on keeps you cool as well, by wicking sweat away and protecting the skin from the sun.

We met Jon at the landing by 6:30 and followed him about 12 miles to the lagoon’s private access. Once we arrived at the landing it was a quick boat launch and about a 15-minute boat ride to our first destination, which we never left. Fishing was very good considering the unseasonable cool temps keep Redfish very stationary. So, the ability to get the bait on top of them was important. Lots of fan casting and sliding your bait around, using a slip plug and shrimp. The fish were staged in the spotted grass beds across this backwater area. We pulled in many Red Drum, and a few Black Drum as well.

Minus33 on Mosquito Lagoon

Every chance I get to fish I take full advantage of that, it is one of my favorite things to do! Minus33 helps keep me comfortable the entire time I’m fishing whether, that be during a cold tournament in May or a hot day in Ontario, it’s a must have for every one of my trips!