Trevor Bockstahler Colorado to Alaska 2016 Merinoholics Adventures

Colorado to Alaska 2016

As my first real backpacking experience the 4700 mile journey from Steamboat Springs, CO to Prudhoe Bay, AK was a trial by fire. Starting in the middle of May on 8 feet of snow, I began the trip that would have me finish in snow on October 1st at Alaska's Arctic coastline. From the high ridgelines and rugged peaks of the U.S. and Canadian Rockies, to the strong currents and unpredictable weather on the mighty Yukon River, and North through the Brooks Range of Alaska. The trip was a fabulous expression of not only the grand beauty of the wilderness, but what we can all be capable of. 4700 miles, Colorado to Alaska, from snow, to land, to water, and back to snow. Over the course of four and a half months, I had all the weather that one could imagine. Minus33 kept me warm when it was wet and cold, cool when it was hot, and smell free when I finally made it to the next town. It was a journey that really put a beating on all of my gear, but when it was all done the products I had from Minus33 were still in great shape, to be used another day, for another adventure.