Mountain Heritage Micro Weight Full Cushion Boot 10 Inch Socks Black
Mountain Heritage Micro Weight Full Cushion Boot 10 Inch Socks Black
Mountain Heritage Micro Weight Full Cushion Boot 10 Inch Socks Patriot
Mountain Heritage Micro Weight Full Cushion Boot 10 Inch Socks  Patriot
Mountain Heritage Micro Weight Full Cushion Boot 10 Inch Socks  Olive Drab
Mountain Heritage Micro Weight Full Cushion Boot 10 Inch Socks  Olive Drab
Mountain Heritage Micro Weight Full Cushion Boot 10 Inch Socks  Coffee
Mountain Heritage Micro Weight Full Cushion Boot 10 Inch Socks  Coffee
Mountain Heritage Full Cushion Boot Wool Socks - Micro Weight
Mountain Heritage Micro Weight Full Cushion Boot 10 Inch Socks  Oatmeal
Mountain Heritage Micro Weight Full Cushion Boot 10 Inch Socks  Oatmeal

Mountain Heritage
Boot Wool Socks

Full Cushion

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Olive Drab

What compliments a boot better than a Merino Wool sock tailored to match? How about a sock with a full bed of cushioning, vents, and elastic zones? Tailored to match the cut of your boots, this wool sock combines comfort, flexibility, and the lightest feel all in one. Best of all, these socks are silent for when you're in the bunk and out hunting.

  • Fiber Content: 60% Merino Wool, 24% Nylon, 15% Stretch Nylon, 1% Spandex
  • Total Easy Care: Machine Wash and Dry
  • Wool Source: Australia
  • Made in New Hampshire, USA!
  • Height: 10" Boot Sock - Almost to mid-calf, this style is designed to be slightly above the standard 10" boot height.
  • Weight: Micro Weight
  • Cushion: Full Cushion along the bottom of the sock wicks away maximum moisture keeping your feet cool and dry. 
  • 3 Zone Elastic: Elastic on the arch, ankle, and welt opening help keep your sock in place throughout the day.
  • Vented Zones: Venting on the top of the sock lets your feet air out and stay cool.
  • Heel/Toe Plating: Extra durability on the heel and toe keeps socks long-lasting.
  • Seamless Toe: Smooth, comfortable finish on the toe
  • Wool/Nylon Yarn: Our Mountain Heritage sock collection uses wool/nylon yarn technology, which creates a durable sock with high wool content.
  • Weight: 62 grams (Pair)
  • Style #: S36
    • Ideal Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
    • Activities: Everyday Wear, Hiking, Camping, Biking, Running, Fishing, Hunting, Snowsports

    Washing and Drying Instructions - Learn More

    • Machine Wash Cold: Gentle cycle with like colors
    • Detergent: Mild or wool-specific
    • Tumble Dry: Low heat
    • Storage: Place in an airtight container when not in use for long periods of time
    • Do NOT Use: Fabric softener or bleach!

          MADE IN



          We got our sock machines set up in May of 2019, and hit the ground running. We knew our customers wanted a sock for every occasion, with heights and cushion levels for all activities. By combining our historic textile knowledge, and using what we learned after redesigning our classic sock styles, we were able to envision a brand new sock collection that could truly meet your needs.



          We dialed in our yarn selection, using a combination of merino/nylon as the main body of the socks. These yarns deliver a high merino wool content, with the extra durability of nylon.


          We have packed in huge quantities of wool next to your skin, using the synthetics only as needed to improve fit and durability.


          Stretch nylon yarns are light enough to keep the merino content high while giving shape and fit to the sock. Lightweight plating also adds durability to high wear zones on the heel and toe.

          SOCK HEIGHTS

          Shop by Height

          SOCK WEIGHTS

          We offer 4 sock weights for 4-season adventures. Each weight is based on a combination of: the amount/type of terrying (the lofty loops on the inside of the sock), the construction/types of yarns used throughout the sock, and the thickness of the individual yarns.


          Micro Weight Wool Socks

          Our Micro Weight socks are our lightest socks for a minimal feel. Within our Micro line, we have 3 cushioning options: Liner, Light Cushion, and Full Cushion.

          SHOP MICRO


          Lightweight Socks

          Our Lightweight socks offer full terry insulation throughout the entire sock, yet are still light and slim-fitting thanks to 90/10 yarn technology.



          Midweight Socks

          Our Midweight socks are made using thicker yarns, and thicker terrying. Midweight socks have full terry insulation throughout the entire sock.



          Expedition Wool Socks

          Our Expedition socks are our warmest socks. They use thicker yarns and have much denser cushioning throughout the whole sock.




          Our Liner socks are our thinnest socks. They are useful as a base layer under another sock, or if you simply like a minimal feel. The only cushioned zone is in the Toe Bumper, to protect against damage and pressure from the toenails.

          Shop Liners


          Socks with Light Cushion only have cushioning in the heel and toe, to help provide comfort and protection on the highest wear zones of the sock. The rest of the sock has no cushioning to maintain a thin feel and fit.

          Shop Light Cushion

          FULL CUSHION

          Full Cushion socks have cushioning along the entire footbed, adding extra comfort in your shoe. The footbed cushioning works great to wick moisture away and keep your feet feeling cool and dry.

          Shop Full Cushion

          NEED HELP?

          Use our Sock Matrix to figure our what sock you need. Enter the style # into our search bar to go right to the sock shown in the matrix!

          Sock Grid Helper Matrix

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 17 reviews
          Shane Weigand
          Happy Feet- Happy Hike!

          I spent a full day hiking around a ski resort at a 3D archery shoot during the New Mexico summer. My feet stayed cool and dry the entire time.

          Shane thank you for the great review! We are very happy to hear how cool our socks kept you during your adventure.

          Have a great day!

          Jeannie T.

          Erica Slater
          Seriously Good Socks!

          These are awesome. Warm. Durable. Keep my feet dry. True to size. Will be buying more!


          Great to hear that you will be buying more of our Mountain Heritage Boot Wool Socks - Full Cushion. Glad you agree they are warm, durable and keep your feet dry. We sure do love them!

          Thank you for the great review!

          -Jeannie T.

          william Sellers
          very good

          Material is great , fit is great ,very comfortable , would buy again.


          Happy to hear the material of our Mountain Heritage Boot Wool Socks fits great.

          Thank you for the great review!

          -Jeannie T.

          Kyle h

          Great for hiking and general everyday use in steel toe boots. I have hiked in then for over 100 miles already and they do a great job at not binding, rubbing, or falling down.

          Thank you for taking the time to give us such a great review. 100 miles and counting! We love it.

          -Katie P.

          B Gordon
          Exceptional Quality

          I have owned many wool socks from many different companies, and I would easily say these are my favorites. Their fit is delightfully snug without being tight, their very high quality, they are very breathable, they are warm without being stifling - even in the warm weather, and in my case they are the perfect height for the boots I wear. The only thing I cannot yet speak of is their longevity. I've had mine for three months now and they've retained their shape and integrity exceptionally well. I would highly recommend them, and although I already own half a dozen pair, I will be buying more. If this was the only sock I owned, I would be happy and content.


          We are pleased to hear that you are enjoying your Minus33 Mountain Heritage socks. Thank you for this fantastic review.

          -Melinda W.