Trevor Bockstahler Merinoholics Adventures Great Himalayan Trail High Route

Great Himalayan Trail - High Route

The Great Himalayan Trail... I heard that it hadn't been done solo before (later to find I was the 5th), so I derailed my plans to go scuba diving for a Himalayan adventure. The trail traverses the country of Nepal and I was awestruck by the extreme ruggedness, and the unbelievably intense and beautiful scenery. Equally as amazing, were the unbelievably kind and hospitable locals, surviving in the harsh landscape, yet always happy and welcoming. During my traverse I traveled through lowland jungles, across high alpine glaciers, stayed in a couple of local's homes, had a near death experience, and a nighttime run in with a snow leopard. Everything you could ask for to make a wonderful adventure. From the high and cold ridges of the Himalayan alpine, to the sweltering heat of the jungles, I faced everything one could while on a long trek. Whether I was sweating wildly trying to keep from overheating, or shivering cold trying to keep every last bit of heat in, I was never let down by my Minus33. Encompassing all of the miracle properties of wool, with the durability to last a long and arduous trek. I can't help but feel thankful to have brought along clothing that I could so rely on.