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Properties of Merino Wool

Properties of Merino Wool

Written November 15, 2022

The mission here at Minus33 is that everyone should feel welcome, comfortable, and safe in the outdoors no matter the activity. No one should feel uncomfortable or ill-prepared in the outdoor community, and having reliable gear is one of the first steps toward a lifetime of passion for whatever your activity is.

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Minus33 strives to provide you with an all-natural advantage on your outdoor adventures. Merino Wool has so many wonderful properties, which provide you with beneficial comfort, safety, and eco-friendly options. We're convinced that once you give Merino Wool a try, you won't want to go back to cotton or synthetic base layers.

Properties include moisture-wicking breathability, fire resistance, being super soft and cozy, and insulating and high performing even when wet, Merino Wool is the superior option when it comes to base layers. 

For details on the properties of Merino Wool, check out the video below for the benefits and properties of Merino Wool!


Being prepared and helping individuals learn what they need for wool products and gear to be the most prepared is just one pillar of our core values. Knowing the properties of your gear is especially important if you are in a survival situation and can help prevent hypothermia in extreme conditions.

Our Brand Ambassador (#merinoholic) Stephen talks about his experience when he was cross-country skiing and fell into a frozen lake in upstate New York and how Merino Wool quite literally saved his life.

Read his story here - Wool Saved My Life.
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