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1) Click the “ENTER EXISTING CODE” button below.


2) Click “New VIPs” on the next screen and enter your code BEFORE you begin shopping. You must redeem your code BEFORE shopping for your discount to apply. You do NOT need to enter your code again at checkout and it will NOT work in the ‘coupon code’ field at checkout.


3) You will redirect to our shopping page once your code is accepted.


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If your account is approved, you no longer need a code to shop. Please review the rules below.

Pro Account Rules & FAQs

Does the return policy still apply to pro purchases?

Pro Account Return Policy

  • No non-quality returns allowed! Please order sizes and colors carefully! Visit our sizing page for help.
  • We will inspect One Year Warranty claims on a case by case basis. All warranty claims are subject to inspection. Because of your position as an industry professional, your gear may wear out at an accelerated rate. Your gear is most likely more heavily or harshly used than the average customer. Wear and tear related to regular use is not covered by the warranty. Please be honest and use your best judgment when submitting warranty claims.

Who is eligible for a Pro Account?

  • Government Outdoor Officials
  • Outdoor Industry Professionals
  • Outdoor Educators/Non-Profit Employees
  • Military (Current Active Duty)
  • Minus33 Authorized Retailer Employees


Can I use my pro account to buy for friends and family?

NO! Purchases must be made for the account holder only. Pro accounts are NOT to be used for family or friends. The ONLY exception to this rule is if you are approved for a Military/Government specific account and are purchasing items for your unit.

Can I place an order over the phone? Or at an authorized retailer?

NO! Pro purchases may only be made through login. Our retailers will not honor pro discounts. No phone or fax orders please! You are getting a good deal on our products in exchange for being a qualified industry professional. Because of this, you should be respectful of both our time and our retailers’ time. Please allow us to use our customer service resources on our full-price paying customers.

Why can't I get the free shipping promotion?

Our Free Shipping promotion does not apply to pro purchases. Again, you are already getting a great deal on our products.

I'm logging in and cannot see my discount. Where is it?

  • After signing in, your discount programs will be listed under your account page. You will need to click your discount program before adding items to your cart in order to activate your discount. If there is no program listed, then your account was either terminated for a rule violation, or your account simply expired.
  • Accounts are set up to have an expiration date. If your account does expire, please resubmit your up-to-date credentials and we may renew your account upon review.
  • We reserve the right to terminate any accounts we feel are being abused, or are no longer active at any time.
  • Abuse it, you lose it! Please don’t ruin the pro program for everyone by abusing your account.
  • Alternatively, you may find our products on or if your application is not approved and you would like to apply via those web sites.

I have a VIP coupon code and it’s not working. How do I redeem it?

Our one-time use pro codes are processed before checkout. If you received a code from Experticity, you must redeem the code on our VIP portal (Experticity should redirect you here) before shopping. Click on the ‘New VIPs’ button, and enter your code in the first field.

Please note that you must provide some form of proof of your credentials to be considered. Valid proof could be either an affiliated email address (.gov, .edu, .mil, etc.), a link to a web site roster, a copy of a paystub, ID badge, etc. Applications that do not provide proof of credentials will not be considered.

Pro Account Application

  • Your Information

  • Please use an affiliated email if possible.
  • Your Credentials

    Please provide a copy of a paystub, an ID badge, any certifications, or links that may help validate your Pro status.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, gif, png, doc.
      Paystub, certification, ID badge, etc. If your file is too large, please resize it. Max File Size 1MB.
    • This could be a link to your name on a roster, for example.
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.