Donate Used Product

If your product has reached the end of its life, is not eligible for return/warranty, and you want to make sure it goes to a good cause, we invite you to donate your used product to our Search and Rescue Kit program. We will either refurbish them for our rescue kits, or recycle them depending on their condition.

How it Works

We inspect your donation to determine if it can still be worn by someone in need of warm clothing. If it is usable, we pack it in with our Search and Rescue Kits and send it to various SAR teams nationwide. If it's not usable, we will recycle it and the material is sent to be remade into blankets.

Why Donate?

If you are ready to purchase some new Minus33 gear, you can make sure your used gear goes to a good cause. By donating, you will receive a gift card towards your next purchase at You can be assured your used gear will help someone in need of a rescue and can potentially save a life. Read more about some of our SAR kits in action

Guidelines for Donations:

Please complete the form below to accompany your donation, so we know what's coming back. Photo upload is optional, but it will help us assess the initial condition of the product and can help you receive your gift card faster.

Ship to:

Minus33 ATTN: Recycling
22 Mill St
PO Box 515
Ashland, NH 03217

  • Donations must be Minus33 products only at this time.
  • Shipping labels will not be provided. No COD.
  • Products deemed usable for SAR kits will receive a gift card for 25% of the current value at
  • Products deemed unusable for SAR, but are still able to be recycled will receive a gift card for 15% of the current value at
  • Gift cards are issued upon receipt of the donation.
  • Sorry, but we are not able to do repairs at this time. Gear sent to us via the donation program will not be returned. All donations are final.
  • Donations must still be clean and not pose a health risk to our processing team. Please wash and dry the gear before sending it back. Donations that are filthy, covered in hair, dirt, etc. may forfeit the ability to receive a gift card.