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  • Iceland Hiking Trip Chris Nancarrow Customer Submission

    Iceland Hiking Trip

    “I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful product. I purchased 2 Chocorua Midweight shirts for a weeklong hiking trip across Iceland...

  • Read Before You Go Merinoholics Adventures Will

    Read Before You Go

    Read before you go.   There is an abundance of resources available these days to anyone looking to hit the trails. I encourage everyone...

  • Unfinished Business Merinoholics Adventures Martin

    Unfinished Business

    Unfinished business: a trip back to where I left off   This summer, I felt ready. I was going back to Pioneer Peak. Last year I got to ...

  • When Summit Fever Takes Over - Minus33 Merinoholics Adventures by Emma

    When Summit Fever Takes Over

    It’s 2am and we are speeding down a dark, empty highway, less than an hour after our plane landed in Ecuador. In the seats behind a taxi d...

  • Minus 33 Merino wool clothing, The feeling you have after a #longweekend!

    Top 5 Reasons to Wear Wool in the Summer

    Top 5 Reasons to Wear Wool in the Summer Wool is a winter favorite for obvious reasons – excellent insulative properties, can keep you...

  • minus 33 merino wool clothing, NH Wildlife, Moose in its natural habitat

    Respect Wildlife: Moose

    Moose may be New Hampshire’s best-known residents; there are an estimated 9,600 in the state. The largest land mammal in New Hampshire...

  • minus 33 merino wool clothing, insects in natural habitat critters ticks black flies new hampshire

    Respect Wildlife: Critters

    Birds and Critters According to the U.S. Forest Service, there are 183 species of birds in the White Mountain National Forest: 38 species ar...

  • minus 33 merino wool clothing, Animals, bear in natural habitat.

    Respect Wildlife: Bears

    PREVENTING BEAR PROBLEMS Black bears are found all over New Hampshire. Females typically weight 125 to 150 pounds while adult males tip the ...

  • minus 33 merino wool clothing, Animals, deer in natural habitat.

    Respect Wildlife

    It’s estimated that between 94% and 97% of New Hampshire is undeveloped land, making vast amounts available for natural wildlife habit...

  • minus 33 merino wool clothing, Hiking with kids, proper gear to wear and bring

    Hiking Gear Guide for Kids

    When you head out for a hike, you should always carry your own backpack. Don’t make someone else carry it!...

  • minus 33 merino wool clothing, start as a group and end as a group, flags on the 48.

    Start as a group and end as a group

    Whether you are hiking with experienced hikers or first-timers, it’s always important to stay together from the hike start to the fini...

  • minus 33 merino wool clothing, be prepared to turn back from an outdoor trip. lightning, stormy weather

    Be Prepared to Turn Back

    One of the most common mistakes hikers make is the failure to turn back. Although “summit fever” can be a persuasive emotion, ambition i...