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  • Good gear can save your ass Merinoholics Adventures Will Carter Imp Campsite Backpacking Trip

    Good Gear Can Save Your A**

    Check, re-check, then check it again. That’s how I plan and pack. Whether it’s for travel or hiking. I try to go as lite as I ca...

  • Peakbagging Martin Merinoholics Adventures Hiking Backpacking Mountaineering

    Peakbagging in Alaska

    Peakbagging – “An activity in which hikers, climbers and mountaineers attempt to reach a collection of summits, published in the for...

  • September on the Rocks Kyle Merinoholics Adventures Northern Minnesota Fishing

    September On the Rocks

    If you have ever traveled to Minnesota you get to see some diverse country, from Oak Ridges to farm country we truthfully have it all. Often...

  • Cody Merinoholics Bio Hiking Van Life

    The Worst Best Night in Olympic National Park

    With 20 miles of coastline hiking ahead of us, we set out around 8 am.  It was day two of our hike and it was about an hour later than we h...

  • Knee Injury Merinoholics Adventures

    An Unexpected Injury

    It was a Friday afternoon in May and I was sitting down trying to plan out an overnight hiking trip to knock off a few more of my remaining ...

  • Hiking Shenandoah National Park A Weekend Guide

    Hiking Shenandoah National Park: A Weekend Guide

    I’m going to start off with a little honesty: Shenandoah National Park really hasn’t ever been on my radar. I want to visit all of the N...

  • Gotta Get Up to Get Down Mountain Bike Ride Oregon Merinoholics

    Gotta Get Up To Get Down: 30 Mile Ride

    Made the trip south from Washington to Oregon late this spring to ride some mountain bikes in Oakridge. This tiny town is slowly but surely ...

  • Dealing with Fear to Move Forward Merinoholics Adventures

    Dealing with Fear to Move Forward

    4 years ago, on a beautiful summer day, I hiked up my first mountain in Alaska. It wasn’t easy, but very rewarding and so I decided to do ...

  • Spring Walleye Season with Minus33 Merino Wool in Minnesota Merinoholics Adventures

    Spring Walleye Season with Minus33

    Minnesota is full of past times, from snowmobiling to the opener of deer season in the fall. There is one particularly close to my heart and...

  • Haiti Trip Emma Merinoholics Adventures

    Human Kind: Haiti Trip

    This past spring, I had the opportunity to spend a month in the Caribbean. The first three weeks were spent in Borgne, Haiti, a rural commun...

  • Training for the Trail - BenOnAdventures Merinoholics Stories

    Training for the Trail with BenOnAdventures

    When you think about going on an adventure, you may not think about how important training off the trails is. Or you may think “all I have...

  • Woolverino Women's Micro V-Neck Bikini Brief Review

    REVIEW: Woolverino Women’s Micro Weight V-Neck T-Shirt & Bikini Brief

    Living in snowy upstate New York, I have always opted for warm base layers and mid/heavyweight outer layers from Minus33. In preparation for...