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  • Minnesota Bucks and Minus33 Merinoholics Adventures Kyle

    Minnesota Bucks and Minus33

    Preparation The chilly night air consumed me as I prepped for opening morning, for the first time in 15 years there would be snow on the gro...

  • Lark Mountain Merinoholics Adventures Martin The Ideal Adventure Partner

    The Ideal Adventure Partner

    It might sound silly to someone who spends most of their time on well-beaten paths, but for some of us, coming across the right adventure pa...

  • Lark Mountain Alaska Merinoholics Adventures Martin

    A New Friendship on Lark Mountain

    I met Tim through one of my wife’s long time friends. At the time, I had no idea that we would end up climbing mountains together. I was p...

  • Great Himalayan Trail – High Route

    The Great Himalayan Trail… I heard that it hadn’t been done solo before (later to find I was the 5th), so I derailed my plans to...

  • Trevor Bockstahler Colorado to Alaska 2016 Merinoholics Adventures

    Colorado to Alaska 2016

    As my first real backpacking experience the 4700 mile journey from Steamboat Springs, CO to Prudhoe Bay, AK was a trial by fire.  Starting ...

  • Jackson Hole Skiing, Corbet’s Couloir Backflip, Cliff drops and Powder

    Backflip into Corbet’s Couloir at Jackson Hole. Owen Leeper powder skiing backcountry and cliff drops in and around Jackson Hole in hi...

  • Opt Outside for Thanksgiving Holiday

    Opting Outside for the Holidays

    The holiday season is a time when, as a society, we all get caught up materialistic behaviors and other unhealthy habits. Less time is typic...

  • Cold Weather Layers for Fall and Winter, Midweight and Expedition Wool Base Layers

    A Simple Clothing System

    The System The main point of my clothing system is to have a few key clothing items that can be used for a variety of environmental and rout...

  • Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast in Your Life

    Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast in Your Life

    Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast in Your Life   You probably know someone who can’t get enough of the outdoors, whether it is ca...

  • Iceland Hiking Trip Chris Nancarrow Customer Submission

    Iceland Hiking Trip

    “I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful product. I purchased 2 Chocorua Midweight shirts for a weeklong hiking trip across Iceland...

  • Tips for Cleaning Bottles & Bladders Will Merinoholics Adventures

    Tips for Cleaning Bottles & Bladders

    It’s an unseasonably warm fall in NH, which made for a quick turning of the leaves, a lot more tourists/leaf peepers and some fantastic op...

  • Minus 33 Merino wool clothing, wool saved my life: Part II

    Wool Saved My Life

    It was a morning like any other.   Just your typical Upstate New York polar vortex bringing the air temperature somewhere well below z...