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  • Hunting When It’s Very, Very, Very Cold

    Hunting When It’s Very, Very, Very Cold

    What you need to look out for when the winter is at its worst Hunting seasons are just about all done with by now, but since cold is much in...

  • 20181219-snow

    8 Tips for Being Active in the Winter

    A little creativity is needed to stay active in the winter. Short days, numerous layers of clothing, and stomach-filling holiday meals don...

  • 20170616_Wyoming_Grand Tetons

    Do You Know Your Mountain Trivia?

    Size isn’t everything in a mountain. Neither is topographic prominence, or isolation, or vertical rise, or geologic age, or symmetry, or w...

  • 20171109-Thanksgiving dinner2

    How to Make A Backcountry Thanksgiving Feast

    If you’re heading to the backcountry this Thanksgiving, you don’t have to forego a traditional holiday meal just because you’re away f...

  • 2014_10_amazing-fall-hikes-feature.jpg

    10 Amazing Fall Hikes Across the Country

    There’s nothing quite like hiking during the autumn months. The bugs and crowds of summer have largely disappeared, and the wonderful ...

  • Climbing Mt Rainier

    Mt. Rainier

    A few months back, I picked up a copy of “Life on the Edge” by Jim Whittaker. Mt. Rainier is a centerpiece of the first few chap...

  • Rainy Lake Slabs

    Rainy Lake Slabs

    There is one thing that I enjoy every spring and that is a trip up to Rainy Lake in Northern Minnesota. This lake hides some of the biggest ...

  • Steitzhof Merinos

    Living With Merinos

    Behind the Scenes of the Steitzhof Merinos John, one of our Merinoholics team members, takes us behind the scenes of his sheep farm in Monta...

  • 20181012-Kentucky-Mammoth Cave

    Halloween Hikes: The Spookiest Trails in America

    There’s nothing like a scary story or creepy folklore to add some extra spirit to your hike. And there’s no better season than fall—th...

  • 20181009-Colorado-Great Sand Dunes National Park

    The Spookiest Places in National Parks

    America’s National Parks are home to beautiful vistas, miles of backcountry adventures—and stories that nightmares are made of. Wait, wh...

  • 20170828_Backpacking_01

    8 Pro Tips for Spending a Year Living Out of Your Backpack

    Taking a year to backpack abroad after college is an idea that just about every young person toys with at one point or another. After all, r...

  • 20171124_Beach

    How to Introduce a Loved One to Adventure Travel

    “Are you crazy?” my friend exclaimed. “He’ll never want to travel again!” I simply smiled. We were catching up and discuss...