minus 33 merino wool clothing, Summit chicks test the Trek Runner sock, featuring the 3411WO worn on hardwood floor

Looking for a Great Sock? Summit Chicks Tests the Trek Runner Sock!

Summit Chicks Looking for a great performance sock? Look no further than Minus33! As Summit Chicks said, The wrong socks can introduce misery to your day, so building trust before you’re committed to a strenuous workout is critical. I started by wearing these socks to work, which amounts to around 11 hours stuffed inside my shoes without air and about 6 miles of walking. The bottom cushion makes each strike on pavement and hardwood floors comfortable. In addition to great comfort, these socks wick so well that the sweaty conditions I put my feet through on a regular basis is never an issue. In fact, when I’m wearing these socks, I only ever think of my feet when I actively remind myself to check on the socks. As an added bonus, these socks seem to have magical powers when it comes to odor control. Check out the full review of the Merino Light Trek Runner Sock here!