minus 33 merino wool clothing, Ben on adventures checks out the expedition crew. features Ben wearing expedition crew outside.

Ben On Adventures Checks Out the Minus33 Expedition Crew!

When you’re preparing for an adventure one of the first things that usually will come to mind is what base layer you may select. Some features of a good base layer are to keep you warm, wick sweat, be lightweight and fit well. While on my adventure at Preston Island I was wearing the Minus33 Yukon Men’s Expedition Crew. Here are my thoughts and overall review of this item. Features
  • 100% Merino Wool
  • Expedition Worthy Gear
  • Machine Washable/Dryable
  • 17 oz
  • It’s Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is 50+, which means it is excellent for sun protection
  • Color: Black
  • Wicks Sweat
My Thoughts
  • The shirt performed really well on the entire trip to Preston Island and back.
  • Even though I was paddling in my kayak, fighting through brush and exploring an island I still did not overheat at all.
  • I stayed at the perfect temperature on the entire trip. I never got cold even though the wind was blowing around 30mph the entire time.
  • The shirt fit extremely well, not too tight and not too lose, a perfect fit.
  • I was sweating while out there exploring but the shirt never gained any kind of stench which was nice.
  • When I was sweating the sweat wicked away fairly well so I did not have to worry about my shirt getting drenched.
  • The extra 50+ UPF sun protection was a really nice feature to have while out there on my adventure.
  • The price is around $100
The Ideal User
  • The ideal user for this shirt is someone who really loves to get outdoors and go exploring.
  • The shirt also can be used by anyone who lives in environments that have colder winters (me in Northwest Ohio) because it is versatile enough to be a stylish base layer where ever you may go.
  • Another person this shirt could be used by is a hunter who hunts when the weather gets cold and they need to stay warm.
My Rating: 4.5/5
  • All of the features are ideal features for a shirt you are wanting to take on an adventure with you.
  • It’s warm, lightweight, wicks sweat, offers sun protection, can be stylish and is versatile.
  • The main con was the price but $100 is worth for a good, high quality base layer.
Overall, the Yukon Men’s Expedition Crew is a great shirt that I definitely will be wearing on many of my upcoming adventures and just in general when it gets cold outside. Having this shirt in your arsenal of adventure clothes will definitely help you when you’re out on your next adventure. The Yukon Men’s Expedition Crew was provided to me at no cost from Minus33 for my adventures. My opinion on this product was unaffected by this. If you’d like to purchase this shirt or any of the other items from Minus33 feel free to go to their website by clicking here. This review first appeared on Benonadventures.com