Rainy Lake Slabs
There is one thing that I enjoy every spring and that is a trip up to Rainy Lake in Northern Minnesota. This lake hides some of the biggest crappies in the state of Minnesota and every year it doesn’t disappoint....
Spring Walleyes 101
I have a lot of people ask me why I love to be on the water, why do I invest so much time in something that you can buy from a restaurant. I can never give a solid answer other...
Minus33 on Mosquito Lagoon
Fishing takes many different forms. I am an avid fisherman in the Midwest and love to chase the fish native to most of the upper Midwest and Canada. However, when I travel, I always try to get on the water...
September On the Rocks
If you have ever traveled to Minnesota you get to see some diverse country, from Oak Ridges to farm country we truthfully have it all. Often, however, the far North part of Minnesota gets overlooked. Creating magnificent beauty that many...
Spring Walleye Season with Minus33
Minnesota is full of past times, from snowmobiling to the opener of deer season in the fall. There is one particularly close to my heart and that is the start of spring walleye. The season begins in the early part...
Minnesota Bucks and Minus33
The chilly night air consumed me as I prepped for opening morning, for the first time in 15 years there would be snow on the ground for Opening day of Minnesota Deer season. It is always an exciting time of year.
Weekend Slabs on Rainy Lake
With the fall colors comes some of the best fishing of the year. In northern Minnesota there lies a lake that holds some of the largest Crappies in the country! With Rainy Lake's beauty comes great fishing. The Crappies in...
Walleye Opener
Mid-May is some of the best to be on the water in northern Minnesota. The annual Walleye Opener brings some the of the best Minnesota has to offer: Walleye, Pike and Perch. It’s something most Minnesotans look forward to participating...
The "Big Windy" Greenbacks
Lake Winnipeg is a large body of water nestled in Manitoba strait north of Roseau, Minnesota. This lake produces some of the most sought after walleyes in North America. "Greenbacks" as they call them, are walleyes with a beautiful green...
Winds, Walleyes and Minus33
I have fished a lot of water over the years and this was some of roughest I have been on. These conditions create moisture and you need something that is going to keep the moisture out and keep the warmth in. Minus33 is essential to everyday fishing and hunting in Minnesota. The only way to catch fish is to be where they are regardless of weather.
A Weekend On Rainy
The next morning came fast and early, so we had a quick bite to eat and headed down to load up our gear for the day to come. We had a 6 mile boat ride ahead of us to get to where the crappies where holding up.
The Power of Spring
The cold wind and rain are little to match for Minus33. The rains came, the weather changed and it got very cold, and Minus33 kept me in the boat long after the storm left. 
When You’re Up High in the Back-country
When you’re high in the back-country of elk country, you need clothing that will help keep you cool, dry and warm all at the same time.