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Minus33® Merino Wool Knit Guide

Knit Education

Here at Minus33, we use 100% Merino Wool in a variety of our garments. Understanding the types of knits we offer will help you understand what level of base layer you’re looking for and ultimately going to buy. Our garments are Knit, not woven, so we’re going to take an in-depth look at the various knits we offer which include Jersey, Rib Knit, and Interlock Knit. You can check out our Fabric Weights Guide for more information on each weight of base layers. 

Jersey Knit

Jersey Knit is a single layer with soft stretch. Jersey is ideal for close-fitting garments because it stretches to move with you. It's also absorbent and breathable.

different types of knits and why minus33 merino wool is stretchy

Jersey knit is used to make our Woolverino and Lightweight base layers. Our Woolverino (Micro weight) is a featherlike, ultralight merino wool, made from our Woolverino corespun fabric for extra durability. Our Lightweight Base Layers are 100% Merino Wool, Jersey Knit garments. 

Learn more about our Woolverino technology here.

Rib Knit

Rib knits are “double-faced, reversible fabric with distinct vertical ribs on both sides, created by alternating knit and purl stitches” (How to identify Knit fabrics, Veblen). They are most commonly used to make the cuffs of your garments - think the collar of our t-shirts, the cuffs of the sleeves on our long-sleeved crew shirts and hoodies, and the cuffs of our base layer bottoms, just name a few examples. It is utilized most for these pieces because of its elasticity and its stretch in width rather than length. Examples of this knit are in our Everyday Knit collection, specifically, the Everyday Knit Beanie

ribbed knit merino wool beanie zoomed in image 100% merino wool can stretch is soft 

Interlock Knit

Interlock Knit is a variation of a rib knit. It has two rows of stitches with one behind the other, giving it the texture of a double-knit fabric (technically they are one). Interlock knit has great durability, stretch, and drape, which is perfect for both base and mid-layers.

For these reasons, our original base layers were designed with Interlock Knit. Our 100% Merino Wool Midweight Collection was the first we created, meant for hunting, skiing, hiking, and outdoor adventure, to keep you warm against the elements. The Interlock Knit makes these pieces more durable than our Woolverino and Lightweight collections.

interlocked knit stretchy warm midweight base layers winter hat and beanies

Originally designed for winter mountaineering on Mount Washington, Minus33's 100% Merino Wool Expedition Weight clothing has seen action in both the Antarctic and the Arctic, and even to the Summit of Mount Everest. Our Expedition base layers use the same Interlock Knit as our Midweight collection, to give you the toughest and warmest base layer options from Minus33.

Anyone venturing out in the cold will greet our Expedition clothing with a warm welcome as either a base, mid or outer layer. When you need to keep the ever-present cold from seeping in, our Expedition items will be your best friend. The collections within the Expedition include the Expedition, the Wilderness Expedition, and the Kodiak Fleece.

Ponte de Roma Knit

Our Wilderness Expedition collection was designed with a Ponte de Roma knit, to be lighter weight than our classic Expedition line, twice as durable, and just as warm. Using 100% Merino wool, these hearty mid-layers are built to last with a double-layer Ponte knit that is sure to beef up your next adventure. From early morning bushwhacks to your favorite tree stand, to long wet days in the alpine zone, and every climb, creek crossing, and dog walk in between, we’ve got you covered.

ponte de roma single knit double knit durable warm expedition heavyweight

Ponte de Roma is the name of a double knitting technique that consists of two layers of fabric knitted together. Ponte fabric is tightly knitted, making it very durable. It's stretchy, soft, doesn't wrinkle, and has a naturally flattering drape, which lets these mid-layers cross over perfectly from the outdoors to the office, and everything in between.

wilderness expedition weight heavyweight warmest base layers

Kodiak Fleece - Interlock with Brushed

Much like the coat on the Kodiak Bear, our Kodiak Fleece Collection is our warmest cold-weather garment. Our Kodiak Hoodies and accessories were created for the bitter freezing cold - to bundle up in whether working on crab boats off the Alaskan coast or biking around Boston without a jacket in January. We took the same 100% Merino Wool Interlock fabric from our Expedition pieces, with added brushed knit on the inside. 

Brushed or Fleeced fabric is created using a finishing process in which one side of the fabric is carefully brushed to raise the fibers. This creates extra loft in the fabric, trapping warm air inside. It also makes the fabric super soft to the touch. 

kodiak fleece brushed outer layer mid layer warmest base layer merino wool and nylon

All of our fabrics, garments, and accessories are ethically sourced, using non-mulesing wool. Whether 100% Merino Wool or using our nylon-core spun Woolverino technology, our products are breathable, durable, and will keep you warm in most of your outdoor adventures. Read more about our Sourcing and Transparency here.
Written by Meaghan Ruby