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Minus33: The Leader in Comfort

Minus33: The Leader in Comfort

Our team is constantly asked about the benefits of merino wool, what activities we wear our base layers for, and recommendations on gear, so I’ve given this a lot of thought. You can research the benefits of merino wool as a fabric - breathability, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, anti-microbial, anti-odor, soft and comfortable, insulating even when wet, sustainable, etc. The list goes on. We love to share this information and help educate about the benefits of this natural fiber because not everyone knows. 

base layers and outer layers winter hiking and camping

When you first think of wool, there are more than a few stigmas surrounding wool - you instantly think of your Grandma’s itchy wool sweater she wore when you were a child or the thick wool socks you got for Christmas one year. However, that is simply not the case. Minus33’s merino wool was created to be soft and comfortable no matter the activity and is meant to be next to your skin to keep you warm in some of the world’s harshest climates and conditions. 

While these base layers were made for your most challenging adventures, they were also created to be comfortable enough to wear in your everyday life. Our staff is regularly seen wearing Midweight tops - Henleys, ¼ Zips, Crews, and Turtlenecks, around the office in New Hampshire.

mountain heritage merino wool socks. office wear everyday wear

Our President Lawson is most often seen wearing what we refer to as his "staple outfit" in varying colors - the Lightweight Polo, Kodiak Fleece Expedition Hoodie, and a Mountain Heritage sock. Our staff have tested and regularly wear the Mountain Heritage socks for their comfort and warmth, but even in the summer, for temperature regulation, they have been seen wearing the No Show or Ankle height Micro socks!

The staff is known to wear all these products in their outdoor adventures, whether hiking and camping or skiing, snowboarding, hunting, or fishing. We are knowledgeable in the gear because we wear it every day and put it to our own testing. We can recommend the best gear for your specific activity because chances are one of us has used the product in that activity or weather. 

wool blanket base layers staying warm with 100% merino wool

While we may not be hitting the slopes or summiting Mount Washington on a regular basis, we are wearing the base layers in our day-to-day life - lounging around the house, traveling to a tradeshow, or adding it to our office attire, we can say with confidence that Minus33 is the leader in comfort when it comes to Merino Wool. If you don’t believe us, try a few base layers out for yourself!


Read some of our Staff favorites below:

"I really love our Woolverino Sun Hoodie because it's lightweight and I can wear it year-round." - Mackenzie, E-Commerce Marketer

"I wear our Woolverino Raglan T-shirt because it works as workwear and activewear, so I can wear it with everything." - Joel, Operations Manager

"I really like the Women's Trailbreaker Hoodie, because I can wear it as an outer layer when I go to the gym, but I can also wear it around the office." - Katie, Customer Service Representative

"I live in our Midweight tops and bottoms during the winter because I'm always cold, so I can layer them under sweaters and hoodies. I've also fully switched to wool socks year round because our Mountain Heritage socks have so many heights, I can pair them with any of my shoes and not have sweaty feet." - Meaghan, Content Marketing Manager

"I pair my Wilderness Expedition Vest with most of the Midweight tops I wear. It's a great layering piece in the colder months and around the office." - Steven, Customer Service Representative