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Kyle Merinoholics Merino Wool in the Workplace

Merino Wool in the Workplace

A lot of my time is spent outdoors doing the things I love, hunting and fishing being the primary activities. However, I spend a lot of my time at work as well, 8-12 hours days stuck inside not being able to get outside, some days until the sun hits the trees. One benefit of my Minus33 gear is its ability to adapt to the workplace and help me stay comfortable during the day.READ MORE

minus 33 merino wool clothing, kearsarge lightweight wool polo

Kearsarge Lightweight Wool Polo

Kearsarge Lightweight Wool Polo

Product Story

Have you ever looked for a shirt that can perform like a multi-tool? Well, you just found it! Tuck in this classic three button polo and you are set for any business-casual occasion. Untuck this shirt and you are ready for the casual fun of a backyard bar-b-que. Bring it on your next hike and pop the collar to protect your neck from a sunburn. Dress it up… dress it down… the possibilities are limitless!

IDEAL SEASONS: Spring Summer Fall
RECOMMENDED ACTIVITIES: Everyday Wear, Hiking, Camping
LAYER TYPE: Base Layer
FABRIC: 100% Merino Wool, 170 g/m2 Jersey Knit, 17.5 Micron Fibers, UPF Rating 25
STYLE #: 701
GARMENT WEIGHT: Size Large = 6.4 oz. (181 grams)

Minus33 Product Story
Kearsarge [keer-sahrj]

Mount Kearsarge refers to two notable mountains in New Hampshire, both of which are popular day hiking destinations. The smaller claims a title of one of the most prominent peaks in New Hampshire due to its low lying surrounding land. The larger, nestled just south of the Presidential Range, provides beautiful views of neighboring Maine. Both mountains offer great views for their relatively easy hikes.