REVIEW: Woolverino Women's Micro Weight V-Neck T-Shirt & Bikini Brief - Minus33® Merino Wool Clothing
Woolverino Women's Micro V-Neck Bikini Brief Review

REVIEW: Woolverino Women’s Micro Weight V-Neck T-Shirt & Bikini Brief

Living in snowy upstate New York, I have always opted for warm base layers and mid/heavyweight outer layers from Minus33. In preparation for a trip to Haiti and the Dominican Republic this May (more to come on that), I gave the new Woolverino line a try and had the opportunity to test it in the warmth over spring break in Florida.

I was pleasantly surprised with how much I LOVED the V-Neck T-Shirt. Lightweight is an understatement. It elegantly drapes the body for a “barely there” feeling. The material is silky soft and super breathable. It wicked sweat and kept me really comfortable. Another thing I really liked about this garment was how it looked. The cut and color (I have the Ash gray one) make it super stylish in addition to being comfortable. As a plain V-neck, it can be paired with anything for either a warm day in the mountains or just touring around town. I really look forward to having this shirt in my pack as I make my way across the Caribbean island.

The Woolverino Bikini Briefs will also find their way into my backpack in May. Like V-neck T-shirt, they are lightweight and comfortable. The material makes for a great pair of underwear for an active lifestyle that are light, but sturdy and comfortable.

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minus 33 merino wool clothing, winter snowboarding, outdoors, merinoholic EmmaAny situation that pushes the limits of my comfort zone and has a positive impact on other people is what makes me the happiest.  From volunteering in rural Ecuador, to the local animal shelter, Minus33 gear keeps me comfortable and dry so I can focus on what’s important.


During my free time, you can find me on a mountain snowboarding, camping, kayaking, or hiking with my Siberian Husky, Kya. We love to be outdoors and moving.


Favorite Minus33 Product: “My favorite Minus33 product is the Low Rise Trail Sock.  They are soft, the perfect weight, they provide cushion, and keep my feet dry and cool.  They’re great for hiking, working out, and day to day wear.”

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