Renewable Scent Control

In order to get all the “necessary” gear, a new hunter can often feel like they may have to take out a loan just to afford it all. That idea didn’t appeal to me when trying to recruit new hunters. After doing some research, I found that there is a material that has two irreplaceable functions every hunter, new or experienced, desires and needs; scent control, which keeps stank out when you’re out and thermal regulation, that keeps you warm when it’s cold out and cool when it’s warm out. My Minus33 Merino Wool Clothing is my multi-function, Swiss-Army knife of apparel and I’ve got a hunting story to back that up. 

The story is about my first time out in the woods as a Wisconsin resident with my Minus33 Merino Wool Clothing and Mathews bow. The day was basically an ideal day for me as the morning was spent standing in the rain watching some heavy equipment move a trailer off of my friend’s property. Next, we installed a security camera and I was the volunteer who went under the deck to run and secure the wiring to the deck joust. After warming up, we went out to spread 100lbs of winter rye onto my food plots as a cover crop and fall attractant. Finally, it was time to hunt. Keep in mind, all day I was wearing my merino base layers and hunting pants. They were on while I got wet in the rain, hot and sweaty while being an electrician, and as the land manager seeding fields, but through all this, I never felt uncomfortable temperature-wise. I could feel a slight fluctuation in my body temperature, but I never had the long-lasting and uncomfortable feeling of sweat on or in my clothing that I would experience while wearing synthetics or cotton. There was a lot of confidence and peace going into this hunt. 

Now to the hunt, I wanted to really test the antibacterial qualities of the merino wool fabric, and that’s part of the reason I wore these clothes all day while I was working and sweating at times. I was sitting, facing the SE, where 3 ridge tops came together, and my wind was coming out of the SW at about 5 mph. A whole herd of deer showed up about an hour before dark, and they were all downwind. To be honest, I almost wanted the deer to sniff me out so I could prove another clothing myth wrong. Thankfully, I was wrong. I was able to put a lethal shot on a doe that was right downwind and they never knew I was in their zone. After the shot and commotion, I had a great looking 8-point that was 30 yards downwind of me for 20 minutes and he had no clue I was there. The kicker to this whole deal, I didn’t use a bit of scent control spray or cover scent. Just all-natural Minus33 Merino Wool as my base layer scent control. 

When you plan your hunting apparel purchases off of what the material does on its own without any added sprays or detergents, you can really save yourself money and time. The facts are that when you start with merino wool next to your skin, you stay warmer when it’s cold and cooler when it’s warm, and that means you save money on how many layers you’ll need to buy. You won’t have to worry about getting the next best scent control solution because your clothing will eliminate the scent on its own, even if you are sweating! This means less of your time spent preparing before the hunt and less money spent on scent controllers or covers. Keep things natural and a lot of the extra work will be done for you and there will be a lot more money in your account. You’re welcome. I really like the options and pricing of Minus33 Merino Wool for my clothing options. So for you to enjoy too, use the code DYLAN-ZKA1, to save a little extra on your order. God bless.