Merinoholics: Meet Stephen - Minus33® Merino Wool Clothing

Merinoholics: Meet Stephen

About Stephen

Stephen grew up in New York State’s Adirondack Park: a woodsman’s playground  complete with mountains to hike, horses to ride, and lakes to sail. After graduating from University, he utilized his sailing background to hop onto a massive schooner in the Caribbean Basin and worked on boats as a means of travel to see the world. He has divided his time between the Caribbean, Nantucket, and New York City before moving to Southern California where he now makes a living as a Sailing Captain.
As a lover of the warm, Stephen is also a lover of wool. Nothing keeps you warmer, even when it’s wet! If you look at Stephen’s first written story for Minus33, you can find out just why Wool is such an important thing to him. It saved his life.
“I enjoy Rock-climbing, Yoga, Sailing, Biking, Skiing, Camping, and Rowing. Most of these activities are outside and there is no better place to be outside than in Southern California. The weather allows for it more than any other place. Whether you are biking along the beaches of Santa Monica Bay, or taking a camping trip into one of the hundreds of nearby canyons, there is something about the outdoors that connects you with the fundamental idea that we are connected to this Earth.”

Favorite Minus33 Product: Acadian Men’s Lightweight Wool Boxer Brief. “Never feel swampy again!”


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