Merinoholics: Meet Julia

About Julia

“My name is Julia Capron and I would categorize myself as a wander-luster. My home bounces between the East Coast and the West. I have lived in New Hampshire and Montana, and have also spent a fair amount of time living in my car and in a tent road-tripping to other states I might want to call home someday including Vermont, Maine, Wyoming, Colorado, and Oregon. The one thing all these places have in common is a vast playground for outdoor activities- and I love playing around in the outdoors. My main activities are hiking and Nordic skiing, but I also love snowboarding, biking, and kayaking. Even my work life is really active! Currently I am a ski instructor and I teach fitness classes. This is why I love Minus33 – they provide me with quality clothing to sustain my adventures! If you don’t catch me in the mountains, you’ll probably see me hanging out at a brewery or playing Frisbee with a canine companion!”

Favorite Minus33 Product: “Merino Wool Day Hiker Socks because the feel like I’m walking on a cloud! And during the winter they kept my feet so warm, and usually my feet are freezing!”


Oula with Minus33

Each Wednesday in small-town New Hampshire, I teach a booty shakin’ sassy, and sexy dance fitness class called “Oula.” The playlist is loaded with popular music with artists like Pitbull, Nicki Minaj, David Guetta, and Elle King…But unfortunately for me even if my dance moves are on fire, so is my body….and not in a good way. You know those girls who say “I don’t sweat, I sparkle?” Well, I am not one of those girls, I just straight up sweat. Like a lot. It’s hard teaching a sexy class when I feel very un-sexy! I mean, how am I supposed to channel my inner Minaj when I look like I was caught in a water-balloon ambush?